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by Jul 25, 2022

gamma seal lid
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Preppers need Better Large Storage Options

Per Kevin this would be better served to have a vacuum valve inserted onto the lid. Additional research may suggest to use a Gamma Seal Lid with the vacuum valve and pump.

Let’s take some well known and provable concepts and put them together.

Take a 5-10 gallon food grade bucket and put a wide mouth canning lid in the center. Currently long term food storage of the quantity to fit in a bucket is placed in mylar bags, then oxygen absorbers are added, then the mylar is heat sealed. That is a lot of work and more so if you want to use over time the food within the bucket as you have to repeat these steps.

Wide mouth canning jars can be vacuumed sealed with an attachment for your food sealer. Taking this concept that is already proven, I suggest molding a food grade bucket lid with a wide mouth opening that can have a lid and ring. Take any vacuum sealer with a wide mouth attachment and seal the bucket. Bucket should already come with a seal for the outer screw for attaching the lid to the bucket.


Bucket Lids

Food grade lids for 5 and 10 gallon buckets that are made to have a tight seal that can last years with the ring attached. To compete with mylar, we need 25 years. Most canning jars with lids can be sealed through the canning process for a couple years.

Portable Counter Sealer with Attachment

Instead of lugging your big sealer in and out and to and fro, I want to offer a countertop sealer that is more portable. Only for use with the canning lid attachment. Size can be greatly reduced having just this one purpose. Now you can leave it on the counter and use it daily for sealing all your lids regardless if on jars or buckets.

Craft Countertop Jars

A fix for those plastic lids that never stay sealed; I want to create containers of all sized for a variety of uses, all having the bucket lid and canning lid concept. The issue is those plastic containers have larger openings so you can fit all sorts of items in them, but they seal horribly. But with custom lids that allow for the canning lid and ring, I solve this problem. 

This will allow entry into my product slowly with only needing to buy the bucket lids. They can use their own canning lids and rings as well as their own sealer. After reviewing the product, they will most likely want the portable sealer for convenience as well as some countertop containers. Keeps within their current ecosystem so they do not feel as if they have to buy into a completely different system.

Other Products

  1. Bag clips designed to go overtop of a bag with the vacuum nozzle to easily seal bags.
  2. Container lid that will form to fit the contain. A locking resizable ring that can be made to fit a variety of containers. Small, Medium, Large sizes that can fit sizes within their range.
sizeable container Ring


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