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Concept draft. Much more ideation needed. Proofing needed. Not ready for review or distribution. 


Not Enemies but Never Friends

Love is in the air. Well at least for Mike and Sarah it is. Two people who could not be more in love with each other. Unfortunately for their employees, that love doesn’t trickle down. Both Mike and Sarah own a recording company that used to compete very unpleasantly before the love boat sailed in. Sarah’s company was all about landing as many clients as possible. Get them in, get them signed, get them successful and off to the next client. Lean Six Sigma at its best. Mike’s company on the other hand was a boutique label focusing on the growth of their clients long term. Building relationships. One company cares about how many clients they have per year, while the other cares about how many years they keep their clients. Now since their marriage, the two companies are merged and it is very much like how it sounds. Two totally different families now blended like oil and water.

Mike and Sarah love each other and are wonderful throughout the entire series. But the co-workers who are used to competing with each other day in and day out, year in and year out, are now forced to work together. Once they were enemies, now they are Frenemies, like siblings force to get along.

Mostly taking place in the now joint office space, previously just Sarah’s company’s space (not quite large enough to fit all these huge personalities), with the occasional meetup at the coffee shop in the morning or the microbrewery on the weekends. With changing alliances to romance we learn life lessons about getting along with people you just hate. An all out comedy war with the occasional truce.


1. 1:1 conflicts between the teams members as one side is slick sales, funnels, and remarketing, while the other team is about building relationships, and understanding the client. So they sabotage each other to get more sales. Yes, they have seemed to have lost the fact they now work together.
2. Always play up modern office memes. I think there should be one meme per show that drives the narrative. Share this meme out to social to promote the show and give a visual anchor.
3. The two office managers constantly try to out-do and out-rank each other while always having to be deal with both sides of the aisle.
4. Sales teams trying to outdo each other.
5. Client service is where we get the client memes. Each side doesn’t understand the other side’s client base and what they want so there is always conflict in the vain of Fail Army.
6. The two owners are constantly trying team building exercises to bring them together. Let the memes begin.
7. And speaking of memes, they share them on Flack (Slack) all the time mocking their counterparts. These memes should be shared for real on social media to promote the show. It can almost be called Memes, Office Memes.
8. As competitive siblings fight so do they. With the mild interruption of what might resemble fond feelings.

9. Sarah and Mike hire a therapist to help work through their feelings and conflict so there is occasional breaks from the office for some mandatory couch time.

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