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As I hear about businesses in the news and the troubles they are having, I tend to posit what my solution would be. Here is a collection of those muses. 


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What Walmart Needs to do to Beat Amazon

What Walmart Needs to do to Beat Amazon

Probably not to me but to reason at least. They now started a Walmart + membership. As stated below this is how you compete. People, as I do, view the Amazon Prime as an easy way to do impulse buys. I never have to worry about shipping. One fee per year and I can...

Saving USPS

Saving USPS

POSTCARD KIOSK - SAVING USPS This is not a secret by any means. Brittany De Lea writes Why the Postal Service doesn’t need Amazon and states shocking loses. The most recent year’s losses of $2.7 billion are down from more than $5 billion in each of the prior two...

Saving Toys R Us

Saving Toys R Us

HOW MIGHT TOYS "R" US SURVIVE IN TODAY'S ONLINE MARKET? HOW TO COMPETE WITH THE ONLINE RETAILERS? We need to think, not head to head, but rather what does physical space offer that digital space can not. Human interaction, human interaction with products. The best...


LOGOS VIDEO BIBLE STUDY HOW TO USE LOGOS SOFTWARE THROUGH REAL WORLD SERMONS My thoughts on how Logos software can better use their YouTube channel. Instead of infomercials about your product, how about a two part video sermons. FULL SERMON RESEARCHED AND PLANNED 100%...

Amazon Influencer

Amazon Influencer

AMAZON INFLUENCER PROGRAM WHAT YOUTUBE CHANNEL OWNERS NEED Here are a few solutions I would like to see implemented to maximize the Amazon Influencer Program also known as Amazon Affiliate Program. PRODUCT PACKS Many YouTube channels just need a single landing page to...

Editing Tweets Feature

EDITING TWEETS WHY THIS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED, AND THE REASON SO MANY PEOPLE WANT IT. I am absolutely against the feature to #edittweets until I look back on a tweet that needs some revision. However, unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is use very heavily...

Flavored Water Dispenser

FLAVORED WATER DISPENSER CRAVE HEALTHIER FLAVORFUL WATER. It is not easy to get everyone to drink enough water, and probably because we don’t think about our water intake throughout the day unless there is a health reason to do so. What if there was a passive way to...

Flash is Walking the Green Mile so What is Next for Adobe

ADOBE FLASH IS WALKING THE GREEN MILE SO WHAT’S NEXT FOR ADOBE So #AdobeFlash is gone. That took longer than some of us thought. Now the big question of how does Adobe add to the community moving forward is what we all are focusing on. In this post, I am going to take...

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