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Avail Gear

White Labeling for Other Brands

Offer Avail Gear for other brands. Same high quality apparel and gear but with their logo. You make money selling to them while also buying larger stock quantity which reduces overall cost.

Why do this? Smaller channels don’t have the infrastructure, and sometimes not the talent to do a quality line like this.

Here is the offer. Avail Gear is coded with an embed much like Shopify that they can simply add to their site to start selling gear.

You can also offer other services such as marketing, which can include building a website for them as well as YT consulting.You can offer production services such as creating custom intros/outros/lowers and End Screen slates. Much, much more.

Is this a provable revenue stream? Yes, Bunker Branding already does this. Check out this video. But unlike BB, you have more to offer than just apparel. 

Fishing Channels

(just some)

Vander Baan’s

BA Fishing Although currently supporting Salty Life


Several more that I follow and many, many more channels out there. These all just happen to be in Florida. 

What Do I Get? Why Am I Doing This?

I always like putting great opportunities together and I think this would be a huge hit.

Normally I ask for a percentage if you decide to pick up this idea. However, Apple just had their event so I have several Apple products you can send my way instead. You can also then just write off that expense.


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