How Twitter Returns Huge Profit For Musk

by May 4, 2022



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How Elon Musk and Turn a HUGE Profit on Twitter

Below are some of my thoughts (newest on top). I will add to this list over time as I think of more. Hire me Elon to get some of these implemented! You also might be interested in The SpaceX tv show.

Multi-select For Surveys

We need a multi-select option for surveys when single-select isn’t enough for polls. 


You need to give the audience something new. Having deep AI integration allowing people to ask the Tweet Bot questions would be not only fun, but useful. Advance searching via the AI would be helpful for finding tweets obviously, but also people, Spaces (live and recorded) and much more, such as connecting into community notes.

I can see myself forming a tweet, then asking the AI to gather supporting tweets that I click to add as references to my tweet. I state something and here are 20+ tweets to back that up without cluttering my post or going against my count. Tweet links that you can quick view without leaving my tweet.

I posted some earlier thoughts here.

Video Ads

I cannot believe I have not covered this yet.

The ability to play videos ads are obvious. What I want when promoting a tweet is the ability click on a video ad and open a video tweet, or featured tweet stack.

News Aggregator

If Twitter is in fact a de facto resource for breaking news, then Elon should develop a news aggregator allowing users, depending on their checkmark level, a variety of filters, sorts, and notification alerts just for news topics. I would recommend at the top next to For you. These can be user defined with user set criteria using tools such as the content slider to adjust what you want and how much of it. You can add checkmark status, @ accounts or # tags or emojis to select content. Use some logic. I want #hashtag but only from verified accounts, sorting by these top @accounts.

twitter news and sports tab

Multiple Pins

I would like a slider of 3-4 pinned tweets. These should be in a carousel with some user selections. Stay static thus visitor has to rotate. Select tweet to display based on visitor.

Twitter Spaces App

Need a stand alone Spaces App for mobile and TV that will allow us to stream a Space (replay or live) over a wide variety of devices. Free up our phones for other uses while streaming spaces to our TV or HomePod or Alexa or our phones. A standalone lightweight phone app to preserve battery and a standalone app to stream on another device to free up our phones for other uses.

For Spaces in both Twitter and Spaces App (to clarify, this isn’t to replace Space on the Twitter app, but a companion app)

Serve audio ads for recorded and live Spaces. Ad share with Host. Host can allow ad-share percent with co-hosts. Host manually triggers ads on live spaces. Ads should be dynamic in live and recorded spaces as to serve fresh ads upon playback.

Ability for Host to have a sponsor banner added to the Spaces UI that is hot-linked.

Ability for Host or Listener to bookmark places in the Space for quick scrubbing to content. That bookmark should allow some commentary as to why it is booked or show transcript. Bookmark should scrub to any pinned tweets. 

DL PDF of transcript that includes speaker handle.

Content Slider

The ability to adjust how much of a particular content I see during a set duration of time, while also seeing the volumes of post expected during those times for my selection. As a user, I should be able to either select from a list of default categories (sports, news) or #tags.

Twitter content slider

Notification Bar

I think there should be tabs that allow to parse out favorites and retweets so I can focus on new posts from others. Give the option as to what shows in which tabs. I also want the ability to select a followers count for those who show up in my feed. Example: Only show Verified users with a follower account over 50k. I might have tabs for 50k, 50k + I follow, 1M. 

twitter notification bar


Elon is going to have to address the Fab issue. If TSMC gets sacked by China, all hell is going to unfurl. If they take out ASML, then this could impact 5+ years of manufacturing. Great review here.

The Arizona Fab won’t be ready until 2024 and that is 10nm. Apple is using 3nm currently. So if Elon is going to make his on phone, he will need availability to chips.

He can fund a new fab in the U.S. and have TSMC build it. This will allow Elon to bring over the talent from TSMC to America for the build and if China does invade, he would have quick ability to bring them back for ‘consulting’. This could give Elon enough chips in 3 years.

Elon could also invent a new fabrication process (growing?) for chips but that would take years to develop.

So my big question is where would Elon get the chips and memory to build a phone in volume? Even if he and Tim are currently on good terms, I would  start working today on a solution. His team knows how to design chips so that is huge step forward. But that is just the start.

Twitter Orgs

Allow an org to add handles to a list (like a group). Once added, those users will have a badge from the org/group/charter, etc.This way the Official Org account can maintain that list. There would also be a page for that org listing all member handles. Official Org/Group/Charter handles register with Twitter and receive a unique moniker.

Stack Tweets

The ability to stack tweets from the same account or genre of tweet. Instead of receiving a new notification for each tweet from the same account, I receive 1 and other tweets that come in after that stack under the first (think iOS).

To eliminate the always having to check notifications just to see it is the same user tweeting excessively in a period of time.

Settings can include selecting accounts to stack, period between notifications (if they tweet 5x in 2 minutes, but then not again for 15, notify me again), or types of tweets to stack (news, sports).

Pause Tweets – Throttle Tweets

The ability to pause tweets based on type. Let’s say I had enough of politics for tonight. I can pause those types of tweets for x time period. Have this as a [x] option to pause types of tweets or from users.

UPDATE: Add the ability to tag a user with a filter (politics, entertainment, work, etc.) and then throttle that filter manually or by schedule. AI tagging also.

I might want to show only tech news in the morning or tweets from people I super follow, then work related tweets between these hours, then all out colosseum politics in the evening. Allowing for @mentions to always come through or not.

One could also throttle content from a user or thread click the ellipsis next to a user or thread for filtering options or to add that to a group.

AI could overlay for smart filtering.

Twitter Widgets (apps)

Develop an SDK so companies can build their own widgets/bots/connections (animation) . This way you do not have to dev out everything. Let 3rd party companies spend resources to test the market. You build root platform widgets like the Crypto Wallet.

If you really want Twitter to be the town hall, you need the ability for companies to rapidly deploy innovation. Think app store for iOS.

Work with TV shows, sports franchises, entertainment, to create a unique Twitter home pages with widgets. We as fans can interact with polls, merchandise shelf. For sports you might have a custom widget for their current standings and player stats. For movies, you might have a fandango widget.

Example: I can put in a tracking number for packages for UPS, USPS, FedEx, and get statuses on packages and also select to receive updated tweets on my deliveries. Maybe have the tweetbot notify me of my Amazon orders. Thus bringing people back to the platform.

Example: News feed app that rotates through BREAKING news tweets from that profile.

More and more people are using Twitter for support with companies and brands, so maybe you can add additional functionality with a ticketing system widget, to help them manage support, gathers feedback, allows users to put in ticket numbers for updates. Possible connectors to their existing ticket platform.

Widget for fundraiser, donation, tip jar widget and/or Patreon type membership but internally built. Help content creators to raise/earn money, which will motivate better content. Standard or voting jar. Voting jars are when you have two options such as PC vs Mac that lets people vote while tipping. Super fun and it encourages tips.

Job posting widget where companies can post jobs, get resumes and schedule interviews.

Cart widget (crypto wallet backend). Someone selling merch, or you want to put an order in for your favorite food. There’s a Twitter widget for that.

Twitter payment system, like PayPal, that accepts crypto and takes a small cut from each sale.

Document support so I can share PDFs, Word/Excel docs right in Twitter.

View a webinar (webinarjam, Zoom, etc.) without leaving Twitter.

Allow my right sidebar to be filled with the widgets I want. Maybe I have the MMA widget that feeds all my MMA news/stats.

Apps might be able to send tweets for notifications if the user signs up for them.


Crypto wallet

I believe Elon will have a Twitter crypto exchange and a Twitter coin. 

As there are many Twitter investors in the world, Elon might position this TwitterX coin as a default global reserve currency. The US will fight back, however, once the dollar fully collapses, the US will not have the strength to stop this. 

Just like I posted over here in SpaceX TV show concept, you can set up a competitor to PayPal that will not only allow payments from anywhere typically available, but also in crypto. You can tip and start memberships via this wallet. Somebody might pay via crypto, but receive a via cash. All the while you were making fees just like PayPal. Even if the wallet is not directly a part of Twitter, there can be profit sharing for transactions on the platform to boost Twitter’s bottom line.


Not just a heart, but a myriad of emoji reactions so people can express just how they feel about a post. 😆 😳 👎🏻 👏🏻 🎤 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😡 😢 💡😻 🐶 🎉 🇺🇸 ⚽️  🥅

Allow users to subscribe to reactions that you want to follow. Country, State, Company, Sports Team emojis that when used will show up on your board. Like a visual #tag. Subscribe to reaction just from people you follow.

Search reactions just in your feed or lists or list of members. Allow restriction of emojis. Example: General News might restrict the Breaking News emoji to just members. Perhaps for notifications I can select ALL or just if that user tweeted with a certain emoji. Example: You may want to follow GetzPro, but only when I use the rocket emoji. So much can be done with this.

Voting with reactions. Similar to a poll but for all tweet replies in that thread. Twitter will add up all the reaction numbers and give a total on the original tweet. Example: someone tweets what is your favorite movie this summer, then sets the Vote emoji as the counter. People start replying with their favorite movie and others tag those tweets with the Vote emoji. Twitter adds up the reactions and provides a list of top Voted for reply tweets.


A Tipping icon should be on each tweet. The function would let the user define a tip amount and one-click tip where each time I click/tap the tipping icon, that amount is sent. If no defaults, a modal providing tipping options.
This will allow for fast tipping. Have defaults of $0.05 to $1 while allowing custom amounts on long presses.

Polls that allow you to vote via tips. $1 for this answer or $1 for that answer. Great way for creators to boost their income (and Twitter takes 15%) while encouraging engagement. Allow multiple votes. $1 each 🙂


Be reminded of a tweet in: 20 minutes, tomorrow, custom.

Video Tweets

Record videos directly in a tweet. Not that every tweet should be a video, far from it, however, having that option will encourage more content of high-quality. And some very low quality, but I see more upside. You can record off-platform and drop into a tweet, so why not make it far easier?

Start with 3 minute post then add 30 second comment videos. Monetize the videos with revenue sharing ads with the creator. So many opportunities here. Ad revenue, engagement, and platform growth.

The above list will bring in many more users to do more than just bitch about politics. Therefore, bringing in more advertisers. 

MVP Scope

  1. Mechanism to play ads
  2. Ability to list other related videos. Possible below current video have a caret to reveal additional content.
  3. Ability to thread videos to match post threads (the video UI function to trim videos and then select them per thread)
  4. Analytics to measure view, watch time, most watched portion (fast follows for additional metrics)
  5. Tipping
  6. Emoji reactions
  7. User should be able to promote video
  8. Video player should not play videos outside Twitter, BUT provide a 15 second sample clip. Allow creator to use a trim for preview slider

Fast Follows

  1. YouTube style end screens so users can repurpose those videos without losing that functionality.
  2. Ability to use video in Spaces
    1. automatically @mention speakers
  3. Ad-split revenue with guests by percentage or set amount
  4. Set date/time of video post
  5. Post production capabilities such as channel bumper and lower thirds, thumbnails
  6. Invite mode where you can invite x number of other users into your video. Similar to spaces, but not open to the public to join.
  7. Select from multi-select option which categories the video belongs
  8. Function to capture who is talking in a Space and then have that user name show in the video/audio player
  9. Like the above, the ability to add a keyframe in the video and @mention a speaker.
  10. Ability to bookmark sections of your video for easy scrubbing by the end user
  11. Show reactions as the video is playing.
  12. See which part of the video had the most reactions and jump to it

Humanoid AI Assistant

Twitter assistant that will start with helping you find things on the platform by searching within Twitter. This AI can then grow to assist outside Twitter. Some of the results can be paid ads eventually. Tie the AI into the widgets for more interaction.

As SpaceX grows the humanoid program, it would be very helpful to have a huge platform to learn from and have conversations with humans.

Battle Bots

Twitter Bots fighting Spam Bots

Instead of having algorithms identify bots, create your own bots that will engage accounts and turing test asking questions only humans can answer. Like CAPTCHA, but for Twitter, every x number of posts/replies.

You can train your Twitter Bots with Dojo. When the Twitter Bot identifies Spam Bots, it puts the account on timeout for human review.

UPDATE: Have the interaction on a timer so even those bot farms that are maned will be detected.


Tip your favorite Twitter personality or individual tweet. Like YouTube you can tip somebody, you may even tip with a sticker on that post. YouTube takes 30% I believe. You can probably still make a lot of money taking 15%.


Banner some popular posts (banner sits at the bottom of a post) and revenue share the ad monies.

Profile memberships

Become a member of your favorite Twitter personality and you will get rewarded with some cool features such as seeing the tweet before everybody else does. Starting off with $.99 per month per membership you can start getting perks, and that creators will receive 70%. These memberships can skill overtime and price and rewards. 

Tipping and memberships will encourage people to build their influence and engagement. You provide the platform functionality and they will do the rest.


Targeted Advertising

Allow me, as a user, to set ad preferences. This can be as easy as a series of multi select check boxes of “what are you interested in“.

Allow advertisers analytic insides based off of those metrics. Also allow the advertising AI to determine if that increases or decreases click through rate and adjust.

Trust AI

An artificial intelligence BOT that will gauge the accuracy of the continent of a tweet by verifying that tweets data with several websites. There needs to be an algorithm in place so the AI is not wasting time checking every single tweet. Perhaps a verify button that if enough people click the AI will be sent out to verify the tweet. Or if the tweet has certain topics which can pull from an internal accuracy database.

From verified false, to unsubstantiated, and verified true. Can even include leaning false, or leaning true. Also “verifying “ to viewers can see action is being taken. The AI will crawl different websites and verify the data and include a link to resources for the verification.

The EDIT Button

<>Since this is probably the biggest topic aside from Elon purchasing Twitter, I have to include my thoughts in this post.

  • you can only edit once
  • You can only edit within either the first X minutes or before X number of replies.
  • You cannot edit more than 20% of the tweet. This keeps people from completely rewriting the tweet. At that point, just delete the tweet.
  • Perhaps a clickable edited button that will allow you to see the changes

Paid tweet embeds

I read some are suggesting this, however, I would not do this as it may reduce the number of people who wants to embed your tweets, thus reducing the importance of tweets and end Twitter as being the town square. But if you must do this, I would do it on a scale whereby you were only charging websites who embed many of your tweets. But again this may discourage that usage and diminish the platforms stance. 

If you do charge, you may want to have your own embed software, where the tweet statistics are live within the embed. That is, as more likes, comment count increases, it will reflect on the embed. Users can choose the free version, or the live version. This may also help you determine if in fact you can charge for this service while giving you the ability to just drop the paid embed. Always best to increase features/functionality with paid, rather than decrease service if not paid. 

Open API

Some are suggesting to open up the API for third-party apps, but API calls cost a lot of money, unless you’re charging those third-party apps. The bigger risk is some users will move off platform to these other services thus reducing your advertising revenue.

Pro Version Software (DEPRECATED)

Too expensive to maintain for what you might make from the service. Keep all the features as available to all users.

Advanced ability to search, filter, save, and analytics for a monthly subscription. You will have a dashboard that allows you to adjust or remove the below settings.

  • Perhaps the edit button solely resides on the pro version.
  • Filter out and filter in just the content you want to see
  • Save tweets like bookmarks and folders
  • More analytics on your tweets and the reach they are getting. Know when it is the best time to tweet to your audience. Know when it is the best time to tweet to a hashtag
  • Reply sentiment. Allow the original poster to see in their analytics what is the sentiment of the replies. Is it trending positive, negative, neutral? 
  • Pro version allows you to see a sentiment meter on user profiles. Find out what kind of tweets, negative, positive, funny, etc. that the individual typically tweets. 
  • Block users and comments like that. This functionality allows you to block a user, and all future similar type of tweets. Example: block Twitter user musk_hater and all similar tweets. AI might present a couple options with “tweets negative to Musk“. It may also show how many tweets will typically be removed from your feed. Showing that if I block that user and or that type of tweet content, it will reduce the tweets in my feed by X tweets.  This will show the effectiveness of the above advanced filter.

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