SpaceX TV Show

by Feb 6, 2021

SpaceX TV Show

Not science fiction, science future!

Shown on Twitter Only Or Exclusively on Starlink?

Have the main show on a major network for support. Then have side-loaded episodes on Twitter (webisodes). Side-loaded episodes expand on the storyline but are not critical to the main storyline. 

Once you get an ad engine in place, producing this show and airing it on Twitter only would be awesome. You don’t even need an account to view, but if you have a paid account, you get extra features. I.E. Extended version, outtakes, etc..

Incorporate all the features within Video Tweets for fun interaction directly with the show. This might be a springboard to introduce other TV Shows on Twitter.

Have twitter used in the show. Have some logged into Twitter Spaces and play clips on the show. Spaces for SpaceX, Twitter, Tesla, etc. Imagine how many people will want to be on the spaces hoping to have their profiles show? The ads played here alone would be very lucrative. Then the merch. Oh the merch!!!

ZERO ad sharing with networks. 100% of revenue goes to Twitter.

Kids SciFi TV Show?

‘SpaceX and the Never-Ending Supply of Rockets’

I’ll get posting some ideas here

Scroll down to read all of season one!


Elon continues his dominance into space and these chronicles are his forward facing record of struggle, ambition, accomplishment, and amazement of the frontier he is forging. Shaping the narrative of space exploration beyond fiction with the risks and rewards and interference from governments and competitors. Every year his chronicles opens with the presentation of a new technology or discovery that will be the thread these weekly chronicles are based on and solidify SpaceX as the household name in space exploration and technology.

Space exploration and mining is a topic of conversation NOW, and Is Space Mining Our Future Gold Mine? It is a matter of who gets to the screen first. This isn’t teleportation or warp speed and lightsabers, but the real, near-future of space exploration. Real struggles with real excitement and real technology as this next journey of mankind begins.


Space Force has set up a command operations on the moon called Higher Ground. The goal was to have the advantage of space for any upcoming military actions.

SpaceX advancements has also enabled civilians the ability to trek to the moon nearly at-will and it didn’t take long for these explorers to discover the isotope helium-3, and the new gold rush begins. Today a huge mining operation is underway on the moon with several companies and countries claiming rights. But they have to share the moon and space with tourists, personnel, and thrill seekers.

Space Force Command shifted to policing this growing space presence and keeping their eye (spying) on SpaceX. Musk’s StationX is home to a hugely successful space commerce as well as a docking station for SpaceX shuttles, while his HotelX facilitates space tourism; life in space is growing quickly and everyone is rushing to the new frontier. Some want a new life. Some want quick money, while others want the thrill of being in space. Yet others are not here for the good of mankind and want to pirate space for their own gain.

The near-future holds Mars in its sights, and StationX is fitted as the launching point for Mars missions [spin-off]. But the government continually tries to thwart Elon’s space advancements as it wants control over technology and humanity. Let the adventure begin.

StationX has become the mecca of technologies including advances in AI, AR, and VR. Startups from every field from many countries are on the moon developing technologies out of necessity of living and functioning on the moon. The great tech moon boom has everyone excited about exploration beyond the moon, and SpaceX is leading the way. Elon has become the face of space. Although not living on the moon as everyone there would hope, his encouragement is felt and appreciated. 

Each episode focuses on the lives of the individual miners, merchants, pilots, X Specialists, Space Force personnel, and tourists. Not science fiction, but science future. I see Elon making appearances once or twice a year as SpaceX technology is introduced. Drama arising from character interaction, the real struggle to get into and survive space, the fight for technology dominance, and the perception of those here on Earth as not everyone supports this new expanse. Especially those feeling left behind.

BB-8 type characters (also a reality soon) are introduced, adding content from both human and humanoid characters from all walks of life. From the drama of surviving this new life, to the military’s presence, to finding that new ‘gold’, to new technology, life in space is very different than on Earth, but humanity is evolving.

Someday soon we will look up and see some sort of space outpost with mining, military presence, and tourists. This gives people that vision. Something everyone can relate to, not just Sci-Fi fans. Characters such as Sarah Lee, the young daughter of SpaceX commander Tori Lee struggles with this new life and turns inward to ‘friends she builds’. Growing up in space with a higher than normal aptitude for engineering and programming, Sarah finds herself adding more to everyone’s life than she expected with her droids while catching the eye of SpaceX’s Elon Musk. As the seasons progress, droids become more relevant and add functionality, humor, and a new race to humanoids.

Clint August (himself) is the voice broadcast throughout the station and hotel adding plot transitions and humor. Also responsible for interviewing guests, including Elon, as needed for background. Other characters are brought in and out with each season to support the main cast.

Driving the narrative

Brand dominance! You will make your money back many, many times over with this series, however, the true value is in controlling the narrative of space exploration, technology, and government interference. Promoting not only SpaceX but Starlink, Boring, and Tesla. There is always the two finger eye poke to that ‘bucket of bolts’ space company, affectionately known as Space Mater 😆, which alone will make this worth every penny right there.


First half of Season One is about the main characters. We concentrate on the other characters mid-year.

  • Things go wrong in space as they do on Earth. But when you lose oxygen or gravity, it is a huge deal. Some by malfunction, some by sabotage as some want to shift the balance of power in space.
  • Conflicts between the commander of SpaceX, Space Force Command, and the mining project manager. But more so, they are solving other people’s drama.
  • Asteroid miners conflicting with the moon operations. Some other companies and countries think StationX should be the Switzerland of space and anyone should be able to use it.
  • Tension between crew vs miners vs operators, along with some romance. Sometimes escalating into physical conflict.
  • Humorous tourists vs merchants vs thrill seekers vs nefarious stowaways
  • People escaping Earth for that new life and the struggles that come with that.
  • Space cowboys vs space pirates. As the seasons grow on, space becomes a lot more occupied with transportation and exploration.
  • Rogue Miner selling secrets to the government but also selling to companies/countries. Double agent. Possibly turns good later.
  • Relationships left behind
  • Restaurant (people getting drunk and releasing sensitive information or starting drama)
  • Space casino. What are they gambling for? There is the main currency (crypto?) but then there is miner’s currency and information currency.
  • Pirates and smugglers committing espionage for governments, countries, and companies.

Weaving these in and out with the vast myriad of characters will produce exciting episodes for years.

Crypto & NFT

Everything in space is crypto using [sponsor] as the exchange agent and Dogecoin as the main coin used throughout. HotelX has Dogecoin ATMs for tourists and everyone in space gets salary direct deposit of Dogecoin to their crypto wallet. Some of the merchandise, including NFTs and in-game purchases, are only purchased via Dogecoin on the SpaceX TV Show Mercantile. Below in the episodes I denote [NFT] as opportunities to create and sell that digital asset. Perhaps crypto is exchanged via embedded tech like in the movie In Time. Perhaps there is a scene in every episode that is turned into digital art. The scene turns from 4k video to art indicating to the audience of its availability on the auction. If this goes well, feature a different artist each season.

If you want to drive the adoption of crypto, then pay for every aspect of the show in Dogecoin. The royalties, writers, production, everything.


Show Framework

Cast character photos along with an animated version can be sold as [NFT].

Tori Lee (Grace Park)

(Anchor, Moral Compass, Bigger than Life)

Commander of SpaceX. Dedicated to the space program and loyal to SpaceX. Husband on Earth with 5 yr. old son (kids under 8 are not allowed in space) which is an emotional drain. Speaking on the Starlink video daily is not enough. Sarah Lee (daughter) is with Tori as she is 15 (going on 30). The two, who were not close on Earth are learning to bond in space as they build trust between each other. Tori holds a PhD in physics, PhD in astronomy, and a BA in aviation (her dad was a pilot in the Air Force). Emotional distance leads some to believe she is cold, but she is not.

Strengths: Very good under pressure. Quick decision making. Understands the needs of those under her command (she came up from the bottom)

Weaknesses: Connecting with daughter Sarah

Sarah Lee (—)

(Anchor, Bigger than Life, Chance, Friend)

15 year old tech prodigy. Resents her mother for separating her from friends and school on Earth. Pours herself into technology. Builds her own friends. Has a crush on Scott Abel. Often found talking with friends from Earth and bugging all the engineers about the tech being used in space.

Strengths: high-level understanding of engineering concepts. Great with technology and building her own electronics and bots. 

Weaknesses: Has a hard time connecting with other people (but wants to).  Doesn’t trust her mom, thinks all she cares about is space travel. 

Admiral Mike Abel (Dean Cain)

(Anchor, DIC, Chance, Nemesis 3)

Commander of Space Force Command. Was there to set up a command post for the U.S. Military but now playing space cop. No resentment at all /S. Wife passed away a few years ago and son, Scott Abel, is in space with him. Mike often conflicts with Tori due to their conflicting jobs, however, he does have a soft spot for her as her intelligence and drive reminds him of his wife. PhD in Aerospace Engineering and a MBA. Air Force fighter pilot.

Strengths: Highly intelligent strategic commander. High scientific acumen. Very good at seeing 4 moves ahead and has a keen sense of when people are not truthful.

Weaknesses: Personal relationships (due to wife passing away). Patience. Working with those not willing to follow orders.

Scott Abel (Richie Rosales)

(Anchor, Moral Compass, Friend, Chance, Romancer)

Son of Admiral Mike Abel. More interested in space exploration rather than following his dad’s military career (Mike worked hard to get this job so he and his son could share something in common). Wants to be a space pilot. Is a bit of a flirt with the vacationers but always upstanding, never sleeping around. Wants to be more like Tori than his dad.

Strengths: Excellent influencer. Intelligent. Finds the best in every scenario.

Weaknesses: His love for space exploration sometimes clouds his judgments. Wanting to be more like Tori creates tensions.

Francis (Frank) David (Mike Rowe)

(Anchor, Chance, Friend)

Mining Project Manager at Moon Miners. Never had a family but left a woman he loves back on Earth for this opportunity. Keeps the mining operation working even with all the challenges Tori and Mike inject as well as the space pirates. PhD in mechanical engineering, BA in mining engineering. Has explored most of the Earth, now he ventures into space. Helps Sarah with some of her bot builds. This creates some tension with Tori and Mike as Frank is viewed as undisciplined.

Strengths: High science/math acumen. Excellent with mechanics/machines.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t like taking orders or those with authority.

David (Crypto) Spaise (David Spade)

(Anchor, Chance, Comedian, Romancer)

Shuttle Pilot. If it flies, he has flown it. A bit charismatic and takes lots of risks. The only one crazy enough to take the job. Very funny with the guests he is shuttling. But no one knows that he is secretly a space smuggler always looking for that extra bit of crypto in his pocket. Never wanting to hurt anyone but some of his smuggling comes too close when those he trades with have bad intentions. Balancing between his day job and side hustle is no easy task. He is our Han Solo. Lovable but not always playing 100% for the good guys.

Strengths: Ability to put anyone at ease (helps with nervous space vacationers). Strong wit.

Weaknesses: That shiny crypto. Gambling. The ladies.

Clint August (himself)

(Comedian, Romancer, funny antagonist)

Radio DJ at Starlink 101.1. Clint is the man that can make space feel like home. Brings a bit of comedy and advice to space travelers. Good friends with Mike. Often heard over the air and has recording booth with window directly out into the main passageway. Because Clint loves people he gains their trust quickly. Sometimes leading to shared information he should not know. He then struggles with what he should share and what he should keep quiet about.

Strengths: Music encyclopedia. Always a friend to lend an ear and some good advice.

Weaknesses: Learning his lines. Often goes off-script which is always better than the boring stuff the execs wrote.

Schools & Entertainment

Humans are humans, even in space. We need down time and we also need to be educated.


There is the Skyview Restaurant at HotelX. From gossip to deals to relationships to character introductions. Skyview has a lot of action.


Not just crypto is played for chance, there are also side bets for information and smuggling.


Junior high – college, we have professors and teachers for all the students at all levels. Kids learn, compete, and find school as an avenue for mischief, often having experiments spill over into space life.

Space Soccer

Teams play for bragging rights and to let off some steam. Sometimes too much steam and the friendly game becomes a contact sport. As this is broadcast on Earth, you can imagine the controversy of who is winning, losing, and not playing fairly. This is supposed to be like the Olympics, bringing people together. However, when life spills over onto the field, it isn’t always a friendly game.

Season One

The first season is about defining the parameters of space life. What it is and what it is not. What is the technology. Expectations and assumptions. Character building and poking around their strengths and weaknesses.

You need to set a scene that is believable. One that has some truths from current news. People should look up and say, ‘we will be there soon’. When season five releases, some of what is in season one should have come to fruition. Remember, this is not science fiction, but science future.

Episode One – New Frontier

Opening scene showing the mining operations on the moon. Pan out and reveal a functional StationX hovering above the moon, more bays are in construction (welding is seen so show expansion). HotelX under construction with only a few rooms available, but quickly growing as Elon wants more normies in space. [NFT]

We change the camera focus to reveal Space Force Command. Part orbiting space doc, with the majority being an on-surface forward command post.

Tori is walking with her leadership as they report on construction and the preparations for Elon’s first visit, well, inspection [EP3]. This allows Tori to show us around so we get a sense of space and understanding of what is built and what is quickly coming in the near future. We introduce the conflict with Tori and Sarah as Tori is busy and Sarah wants her mom to be part of her life. Late night emotional Starlink with her husband brings about a bit of humanity to Tori. Sarah is seen at a very roughly built school with the other kids of all ages and we see she relates to those much older than herself.

Scott is trying to help keep the youth interested in space, as they are missing home, while trying desperately to forge his own life and education of space, which he is excited about. Sarah gets this excitement and naturally starts to gravitate towards Scott.

Frank is getting more rigs in the ground to get that H-3 out of it. Having issues with working in low gravity, storage of the H-3, and getting transportation of H-3 back to Earth cleared with Space Force Command.

Mike is balancing all the spinning plates. Frank and the new gold rush. Tori and the new space rush. And SPCs original objectives to operate a military space command that is morphing into a local law enforcement. But what laws? We start to see some of the operational conflicts and secrets Mike is dealing with. Who has control of space? Who makes the laws? Later, which country, if any, has more say or any say.

Of course, we need to show the excitement of space. Wanting to be there, experiencing the awe. Starting to see the technology and possibilities. Those on Earth should get a real sense that this is a near future for anyone. It is the new frontier.

We conclude EP1 with an explosion at the moon on one of the mining sites……

Episode Two – Dark Side of the Moon

We pick up with the explosion on the moon. Mining sparked some gas and several people dead, mining operation equipment shattered. SFC takes over OpSec and that infuriates Frank.

Tori is evaluating any damage to StationX and how this impacts Elon’s visit, which ends up delayed by Mike, infuriating Tori and Elon (showing first conflict between private sector and military).

One of many fights over control ensues. Each winning and losing ground. Mike in constant communications with command on Earth. Everyone realizes there needs to be much better emergency equipment and personnel.

Kids are scared as it shook StationX. Elon is concerned for the safety of his people and the loss in the mining community. Offers whatever help he can. Prioritizes hospital rooms in HotelX over any other construction. Everyone ends up coming together for the good of the miners, their loss, and their families. How does that loss connect back on Earth when loved ones cannot be there?

The scene finally comes under control but we are left with a huge sense of loss and setback. SPC takes a ‘we should not have allowed civilians in space yet’ approach and looks to tighten down access. Threatens to shut it all down. We are left wondering what is next. Is this wonderful future now gone?

Episode Three – Coming Together

One week after the explosion there is a memorial and all attend. This is the first live broadcast from the moon and Clint (new DJ at HotelX) is offering solemn words of love lost, the human heart that rallies together, and the hope of the future.

Elon visits and tours StationX. Introduces a new AI chip that was trained by Dojo. This chip was to help in the automation of construction for SpaceX but Elon offers the tech to Frank to help in safer exploration. Sarah is beside herself over this new chip and wants to start building bots with it. Her mother disciplines her for interrupting the adults. (secretly, Elon leaves a chip in Sarah’s school project box that she is over the moon to discover).

Sarah finds Scott and shows him the new processor and they start to plan out a mobile bot SRT (Space Reconnaissance Technology) that Sarah thinks would be useful to do recon. This new bot takes a couple EPs to build, instantly becoming Sarah’s best pal. She tells her dad all about it, who is excited. Much more than mom is.

Mike and Frank get into a heated argument about safety and the quickly growing mining operations. But Frank knows there are billions of dollars in H-3 and no amount of military aggression is going to stop its extraction.

Clint is trying to interact with all the busy people as he just needs human interaction, well, attention. Clint catches Elon and asks for an interview. Elon declines due to time but tells Clint he will have something special to talk about next time he visits and promises Clint the exclusive.

Elon concludes his visit with optimism and encouragement of the future state of SpaceX. Promises to send more help for construction and looks out the window towards Mars.

Tori, Mike, and Frank have a meeting to discuss how life in space needs to be managed and they come together wanting the best for everyone.

We are left with Tori getting instructions as to her new shuttle captain. She has heard of this hotshot and is not too happy he is coming.

Episode Four – Guests Arriving

A few months after Elon’s visit and StationX is making ready to receive their first guests on board as Elon insists space is for all people, not just the ultra wealthy or scientific.

We open with final construction on the docking bays (1-4). Crew manager giving a report over the internal Starlink console to Tori. After the call, we pivot to Tori’s office where an officer walks in with the manifest for final review. After a brief conversation she instructs the list be sent over to Mike. Tori walks over to a digital whiteboard [NFT] and reviews the plans for the growth of StationX [we see what is currently built and the blueprint of what is to be built which will be shown to fill in over the EPs]

Clint is heard over the radio excited about the new guests coming on board and joking about finally have someone to talk to. Camera changes from looking at the speaker in the shuttle bay to the speaker in the shuttle and we pan out to see inside the shuttle.

David Spaise is giving the guests a rundown on what to expect in space. And let’s just say he is trying to scare them (in a joking way) more than get them excited. We see some guests worried while others not so much. Camera shows the main guests and gets some of their responses. Shuttle docks and guests are greeted by Tori and a small entourage from guest services. Spaise wishes them luck, gives them a final warning [some story Spaise has been trying to convince them of].

Guest are shown HotelX, their rooms, the restaurant, and casino.

[Rest of the EP is guests interacting in these spaces. Throughout we see Powerwalls and Starlink com stations. Discreetly. Powerwalls are the same color as the corridor walls.]

One of the guests, Jim has a son Jim Jr. (JJ) who is 15 years old. He walks over to Sarah in the restaurant to find her drawing and asks what is it. [a new droid she is working on]. They share the fact that their parents are apart (JJ’s are divorced) and how that really affects them.

The guests are gathered together so guest services takes them to the next stop, Starlink 101.1, where they meet Clint. From there, they shuttle down to the moon to see the mining operations. As they are walking down the corridor to Frank’s office, the last guest in line ducks out through a Miners Only door.

We close out with Frank showing them around the H-3 mining operations (from inside).

Episode Five – Why Me

Tori and Sarah are in their quarters getting ready to go to dinner. Tori asks if Sarah met any of the guests and suggests spending time with the younger ones when she is not in class, which receives a look of ‘can’t be bothered’.

At the restaurant Spaise is sharing “war stories” with Clint and any of the guests that will listen. [Clint will mention some of these stories on the radio, which is also broadcast to Earth]

The rogue guest, who ducked down through the Miner Only door, is at a table speaking with some miners, they turn silent when Mike and Scott walks in.

Sarah, seeing Scott, quickly excuses herself from the table she and her mom are at and asks Scott to rescue her. They grab a table and Mike asks to join Tori. Sarah shares her drama of having to “babysit” the guests and Scott shares his about his dad wanting him to join the military.

Back to Greggory, the rogue guest, and he is asking the miners about how much “COKE” is being created from the mining. Coke is a residue product that is thought to be waste material but turns out is an excellent solid electrolyte that can be used in batteries. This electrolyte allows the electrons to flow quicker thus giving the battery the fast charge and discharge properties of a super capacitor. Greggory is arranging passage (smuggling) of this COKE back to Earth for more testing. He is un-kindly telling one of the miners that he has to get this done for him or the “Dr.” isn’t going to be happy with him.

Meanwhile a friendly dinner turns a bit sour over dessert when Mike insists on more stringent audits, by allowing Space Force access to SpaceX computers. Obviously that didn’t go over well.

Later, Mike is on with ground command and they are pushing him for results and he is reluctant to deliver. Scott overhears this conversation and then gets into it with Mike over ‘this is why I don’t want to join the military’ and Mike unsuccessfully trying to justify. Scott threatens to just get on the next shuttle home.

We close with Scott in his room looking at a photo of his mom. “I’m trying mom, he just doesn’t get me like you did” which is overheard by his dad.

Episode Six – New Language

We open up with Clint giving his Starlink 101.1 announcement from Starlink Radio.  [His breaks are to inform everyone of what is going on in space. Example: bay 4 of dock 1 is finally complete, flour shortage on the last shipment means no backed goods, what events are taking place, news from Earth, etc., which gives the viewer insight as well as helps to transition scenes. His studio is small. Has a desk with sound board and mic. Back wall has a neon Starlink 101.1 and under that in italic is by Starlink. On the right wall, just in view is a Tesla Powerwall that is seen only when the camera is panned out. Microphone, sound board, processor, computer that shows and allows you to play the mp3 music files, sound drops, and music beds. Also, two monitors. Another computer to search for information on the internet with another monitor.] We have a lot of guests in space and I hope everyone is enjoying their time…

JJ is playing video games on his handheld. His dad urges him to go explore the station. JJ walks out reluctantly and down the corridor where he passes a room Sarah is working in. He stares in until Sarah invites him in. She shows JJ what she is working on. Using the Dojo chip Elon left for her, she is training her new bot, SRT. [SRT has 4 flexible Mecanum wheels with a small torso and a saucer (spaceship) shaped head. Around the rim of the saucer are many sensors, including solid state LIDAR, depth sensors, (each on their own and both overlayed to detect motion), FLIR heat sensors, and more. This band moves independently of the saucer. On top are two large stereo lenses and an array of mics. Below, on the chin, is a speaker. 4 small antennas are mounted on the back of the saucer (GMRS, Starlink, GPS, UWB), and an optical processor from Lightmatter, watch this for details] Sarah explains to JJ how Dojo teaches the processor in the SRT to move around the station. [see these videos for context and terminology] and we see a graphical representation of Dojo teaching SRT by running through simulations throughout the station [NFT] [possibly NFT the schematic of SRT]. Sarah is typing on her computer and JJ asks what is that. “A much more efficient language I created for SRT which allows it to build its own methods based on an object of outcomes. JJ looking lost, Sarah explains the outcome objects are “scan Bay 2 in Dock 1 and report” and SRT figures out the best way to accomplish that, then stores that method for later use or refinement. This way the methods evolve as situations and environment changes. JJ still looking lost, Sarah simplifies. It allows the SRT to be more human-like. JJ exclaims ‘why didn’t you just say that’. Sarah, ‘um, I did state that very clearly’. Let’s give it a go. The SRT starts walking down the corridor past a window overlooking the moon. Sarah and JJ follow the SRT and they meet up with Scott who is looking out the window towards Earth out in the distance. They have a conversation about missing home as they look out the window [NFT].

Frank starts to take notice of quiet conversations some of the miners are having and is wondering what is going on. [we see transport shuttles leaving the mining processing tanks headed to Earth] The two miners talking exchange crypto and look up to StationX where Greggory and Crypto (David Spaise) are having a conversation at the restaurant in which Greggory says ‘in two days’ and hands Crypto some crypto just as Mike walks in seeing them, but not that transaction.

Tori comes in to pick up an order and looks over at Mike who asks without looking up. “You know that anyone doing business on or around the moon falls under the jurisdiction of Space Force. You need to comply with the audit.”. Tori “Perhaps you have confused the vastness of space with the reach of your authority. But I assure you, my compliance is no more forthcoming here as it was on Earth.” Mike “this isn’t going to end well”. Tori with confidence “I will bet you dinner for a week that I am 2/0 at the buzzer”

Episode Seven – Gauntlet Thrown


Gen. Milley (Joint Chiefs of Staff): To be as clear and as precise as I can with you today. Space Force has operational and security jurisdiction in space- PERIOD! You and your crew will comply, as requested. This isn’t a conversation. 

Tori: Without us, you wouldn’t be in space. 

Milley: Eventually we would. Only a matter of time.

Tori: Then when eventually gets here, we’ll have this conversation! Until then, space belongs to whoever can get there and claim it. I answer to shareholders, NOT government bureaucrats whos only claim to space is hitching a ride from us!

Milley: We provide you with protection.

Tori: Like when the mafia provides protection, but the only threat is from them!

Tori walks out of the boardroom and Mike follows after. Both walk out of the building. 

Tori: you were very quiet in there Mike

Mike: I know you well enough to stay a good distance when you are fighting for what you believe. Tori, you know I agree with you, but I have orders to follow just like you have shareholders to answer to.

Tori hailing a cab: Mike, you know I won’t give ground here so you better true that up with the boys upstairs.

In the cab on the way to dinner, Clint August is on the radio giving the latest rundown. Cab Driver: “I love that Clint guy. It’s just like we are there experiencing it ourselves. Do you listen?” Tori: Yes, I know Clint. We work together. Cab driver: You know Clint August? Tori smiles as the cab drives through the city to the restaurant with Clint on the radio.

Tori has dinner with her husband and Sarah, but Sarah invites Scott. Leaving a bit of an awkward situation at first but turns to stories of space Sarah shares with her dad.

Mike is left trying to convince his superiors that they really don’t have much leverage. Musk has all the technology. “Then perhaps we should acquire it for ourselves.”

We end the EP with Crypto packing a small container in a hidden compartment on his shuttle.

Episode Eight – Departures

Tori and Sarah spend another couple days on Earth as well as Mike and Scott.

The tourists wrap up their vacation. JJ is a bit sad to go as he made a new friend in Sarah.

Greggory is seen with the miners again which raises suspicion with Frank and he confronts them. An ‘old buddy from Earth’ did not convince Frank and Greggory was escorted back to StationX.

All guest are boarding with Clint in the background giving a farewell over the radio. Greggory confirms with a glance that Crypto has the COKE. And off to Earth they go.

Crypto hands the COKE off to Greggory once everyone else disembarked only to have Mike see the exchange as he and Scott show up for their flight back. A small inquiry was brushed off with the item being a gift from space that Greggory was going to drop off to a friend. Although something seems off, Mike and Scott start packing luggage as Tori and Sarah show up as well as some other crew going to the station.

Mike does the Jedi mind stare on Crypto the entire flight up while the others talk. Except Tori who is already checking statuses on her iPad.

At Space Command, Frank is waiting for Mike and tells him about ‘a guest found on surface speaking to one of his crew’. Frank wants Mike to look into securing guests better.

Mike readies departure to Earth to present on asteroid mining and as he enters the bay he sees that same miner now with Crypto. Although Crypto is friends with nearly everyone, the coincidence seems a bit on the nose, which becomes very hard to justify when he sees Greggory hanging around the parking lot back on Earth.

We end with Sarah launching SRT down the corridor and putting on her VR headset to see what the SRT sees. “Hmm, I bet I can build an entire VR of StationX for my friend on Earth. I’ll have SRT map everything out” [this can be the start of a VR game with in-app crypto purchases and NFTs as prizes]

Episode Nine – Nikola

[meeting in Tori’s SpaceX conference room]

Frank: We cannot keep having these brownouts. We need reliable, consistent energy. And before you say it, I know the conditions in space are out of your control.

Tori: What I was going to say is that Elon is working on completing Nikola Tesla’s work on wirelessly transferring energy over distance. Samsung has proven it recently over short distances with their new TV remote. It was originally being developed to charge vehicles without needing to be plugged in and to harness ambient energy.

Mike: So when will this be operational here?

Tori: The trick is not cooking anything in the path at such high energy outputs. Elon theorizes that he can narrow the energy stream that can be more directed. Instead of antennas inefficiently trying to gather that energy, we will build a receiver, like a satellite dish but where the energy is gathered in a funnel and directed into Powerwalls. This way we can have virtual power lines we can guard off.

They continue their meeting with other business as we move to Sarah waiting outside the conference room with SRT doing research on wireless energy.

Scott walks up asking if they are done in there yet. Sarah inquires why Scott looks frustrated and finds out his plans to take flight lessons are on hold as they are stuck in space. Sarah grins and suggests she has a solution and they walk off.

Clint on Starlink 101.1 with a question from a listener on Earth [real questions from viewers answered. Posted on social media]. ‘What do you do for fun in space?’ I will be asking that question today as you pass by my studio. So let me know space jockeys, what do you all do for fun. But the bigger question is what are we going to do about those brownouts.

Tori is on a Starlink call with Elon discussing a prototype of the new NBET (Narrow Band Electron Transference) system. More commonly known as the energy transporter, or ET. The prototype should arrive soon. Elon asks how Sarah is using the Dojo and Tori tells him about SRT, although charging is an issue.
[later, Elon will bring Sarah a special ET box for SRT. This box uses NFC to locate and lock onto the electron transmitters located in the walls (once added) that will charge the device even when in motion, as long as it is in range of the NFC. And, like cell towers, your device can lock onto multiple ETs like Spider Man swinging through the city]

Sarah shows Scott her VR setup with some demos. “Not yet like flying a shuttle in space, but give me a couple weeks.” She needs Scott to obtain shuttle schematics [NFT] and flight simulations that she can program in. Scott is very excited to get started.

Episode Ten – Restless

Clint: Clint from Starlink 101.1 with the answer to your questions. The other day a listener asked about what fun do we have up here in space. Short answer is none apparently. Time is spent working, eating, sleeping, or on Starlink calls with friends and family. Most up here admit they are getting a bit restless. And I have the solution. Soccer. Yup, a friendly game of soccer between SpaceX, Space Force, and the Miners. Where do you play soccer in space you quip? I say we convert, temporarily, one of the bays into a soccer field and broadcast it to Earth. What do you say Elon? You in?

At the restaurant bar they are listening to Clint and stating although that is fun, you can’t play soccer every day. What about those not athletic?

On the Moon, Frank breaks up a scuffle between Space Force personnel and a couple of his mining guys. Apparently the restlessness is carrying over to unhealthy activities.

Frank has a conversation with Mike about his men starting fights with his miners. Then those two get into it. Tension is at a high and something needs to be done soon.

Clint slips Crypto some crypto to bring something back on his next flight. A soccer ball. But Crypto wants to take it further and plans on bringing some hoops and a roulette wheel.

The episode ends with a soccer match between Space Force and the miners with Clint announcing the game. Part of this EP can be setting up the Bay. We end with Elon listening to Starlink 101.1 and wondering who gave permission to convert the bay.

Remaining Season

The rest of season one explores further the anchor characters as we build out SpaceX, the rest of Space Force, and the mining company. We start to interject more government interference, some competition as well as the struggle for ‘ownership’.

Sarah and Scott finish their VR flight simulator so Scott can practice while taking ground school virtually. Sarah builds out the VR experience to other experiences with AR. She starts her build on a new bot, more of a humanoid. In Season Two, Elon presents to Sarah Optimus (the Tesla Humanoid) he hopes will assist on the surface.

Life in space doesn’t get easier, but now we have some sports to play and an underground casino is taking place. The bets are crypto until they are not and some of the bets get Crypto into some hot water.

Space Force is planning military operations in space which makes no one comfortable. Mike pushes back with training needs to happen before conflict.

The mining company looks towards steroids more seriously and works with SpaceX on how to get to them and how to transport material back to the moon for processing. Some on Earth do not believe we should be mining the moon, others think we should be doing more. Scientists are worried about the gravitational effects of changing the moon’s properties.

Season Two

We kick the tech and the drama into high-gear as Elon puts the first Tesla Optimus on the surface of Mars when everyone thought they were just coming to the moon. Space Force Command [spin-off?] is not at all happy, especially not being kept abreast of what was going on.

Optimus is both helpful but not always appreciated by everyone.

Protests on Earth start to grow over, well, just about everything going on in space. Activists not wanting the exploitation of space. Other governments wanting a presence in space, and companies wanting ‘equal’ access. [these will be real conversations being had as we expand into space].

Space Force tries to ‘gain’ SpaceX technology for themselves, although Mike isn’t directly involved. Mike is suspecting his general is up to something and confides in Tori to find out. Does SpaceX have to give up their tech for the better of humanity, or do they keep their dominance? [conflict that shows up in every season]

Sarah works with Scott and some of the other youth on VR/AR technology and gets some gifts from Elon. And puts arms on SRT.

Lots more guests bringing excitement and drama. The gambling spills over to the guests and something needs to be done to break this up. But by the time Mike finds out, it is too much a part of space life and he is threatened if he tries to close them down.

Other tech companies start showing up as the tech boom 2.0 begins. Sarah is thrust into a spotlight she is not comfortable with.

Clint keeps it fun and becomes a bit of a confidant to some in space. He starts to get conflicted with information he knows and what he can’t share.

Season X

New seasons bring about new tech, new and old conflicts pulled from the headlines of the real world. Tech in the real world will be advancing over the next 10 years to such a degree, it will be the personal computer/internet boom all over again. Greatly shifting humanity. SpaceX TV Show will chronicle this new era.

Elon will ride the top of the wave of information and perception as the show will sculpt the space narrative to the public, that they themselves choose to interact with on a weekly basis.

Long term vision

Many seasons with characters and technology entering and exiting. You also have merchandise for the outposts, and action figures for characters and the AIs. From toys for small children to collectables and NFTs to 3D printing.

SRT is the new household bot. Tesla SOC trained by Dojo can teach kids math, science, and other skills. Can play the latest games. Not on SRT, but SRT sits in front of the console with the kid and plays the game or a board game. Parents can instruct SRT to do 1 hour of schoolwork before any game time.

Link SRT into HomeKit for automation and security devices. SRT, who is at the door? Release special updates only purchasable with Crypto, thus adding millions into this space. All with the SpaceX branding.

I also see a video game where you go on missions. Having to follow clues to get to good mining opportunities that lead to roping and mining asteroids which raises money to get out to Mars. Gathering clues and fighting villains all along the way. A younger version of the game where you don’t fight villains to remove the violence.

Then the obvious MarsX spin-off when around season 5 we start to get the ground work for Mars inhabitants. Showcasing Elon’s bots and humanoids being sent to and exploring Mars can be a part the SpaceX TV Show that opens into either a spin-off, movie, or just more content for SpaceX TV Show.


SciFi enthusiasts will surely gravitate towards this series. And the Star Wars fan base (those interested in a storyline of good and evil) as Elon and his technology is like the Force, while opposition is the Evil Empire. Heroes of the space race and exploration competing against the villains of big governments trying to thwart every advancement. 

The micro stories of life in space will draw in the non-techies. Think of Heartland (15 seasons) when telling these stories. Macro stories can be more heavy drama as the different forces grind against each other and will appeal to the Game of Thrones audience. Then you have the tourists, merchants, and androids that add the light-hearted relief.


This is NOT an infomercial for Elon‘s technologies. It can be easily overdone but the objective is to show SpaceX as the de facto space technology company and therefore, over doing product placement would admit the opposite and come across as forced. The focus needs to be a story about space and Elon just so happens to be the dominate force. 

However, the space station will be kitted out with Tesla solar and power walls, and the communication between the station and Earth will be from Starlink. Brand and products placed in a natural setting to tightly connect the brand with leading technologies used on Earth and in space. 

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