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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)


Concept draft. Much more ideation needed. Proofing needed. Not ready for review or distribution. 

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The recent Pentagon declassification of UFO and UAP information to the public has created a huge buzz from outside groups for more information and access. The Pentagon is worried that certain assets will be discovered so they started transporting them to more secure locations not listed on released documentation. During this transfer one of their more valuable assets, Alacian, escapes and is now coded ‘Critical Asset Fugitive’.

Alacian was captured during a downed UAP event and is identified as EVAA (Extremely Valuable, Alien Asset), and presents as a humanoid in appearance but with slightly different coloring to the skin, hair, and nails. Alacian is a female version of that species with facial features, although noticeably different, similar to ours.  Nothing else is known about Alacian as she has remained silent for much of her captivity other than to protest the food and conditions, although this communication has yet to have been translated, although it appears she understands us to some level.

The DA5 clandestine facility is location is in the heart of a Federal BLM land spanning several thousand acres and is exclusively used to house and monitor Alacian. During a grid security check where redundancies are evaluated by test failing system, Alacian was able to use these few fractions of a second to override and take down the entire system for 3 minutes giving her enough time to escape. Exactly how is still unknown, but what we have been able to ascertain from video is that their species has embedded tech that we are not advanced enough to detect.

During Alacian’s escape she crosses into an adjacent 800-acre ranch owned by retired engineer turned prepper, named John. Alacian was running across the field towards some dense treed John was hunting in. Hearing the dogs and noticed someone being chased by a large group, John quickly grabbed Alacian as she ran past, thinking she was a child, and acting quickly, sprayed her with deer scent to mask her from the dogs and covered her and himself in a camo net. Surprise doesn’t come close to how John felt when he was finally able to shine a light onto Alacian. Both just stared at each other for several moment until John broke the silence laughing “So I guess you are lost little one.”

The following story chronicles Alacian and John’s first encounter and subsequent growing friendship and their struggle to remain out of the hawkish eyes of the government.

The two uncover some of the government’s most protected secrets as they try to find a way to get Alacian back to her species while evading detection and capture. Trying to implement Alacian’s technical knowledge in a rudimentary world is a daily challenge, while John, an engineer, struggles with the overwhelming awakening of new scientific and mathematical knowledge, and what is on the horizon for humanity. Alacian struggles with the limitations of Earth, longing to get home, and the loss of her traveling companions.

One is on a path of new technological horizons, while the other is thrusted into the dark ages of science. Both trying to do what is right. One trying to save his planet while the other is trying to get back to hers.

A daily struggle to remain undetected while often having to infiltrate secure government locations for information, they try to build technology for Alacian to contact her planet. Knowing they cannot do it on their own, they reach out to the UFO community for help. But some in that community are there to feed information back to the government.

As progress is made, the government continually thwarts attempts to communicate off planet. Getting an orbiter launch under such scrutiny finally succeeds, but how far away is help? And does Alacian trust her own people? We start to find out the real reasons for being here and we may not want them to come back. Politicians colluding with other nations is horrible and possibly treason, but politicians colluding with alien life is science fiction. Until now.

Think Fringe, X-Files, and Avatar and you are getting the right vibe. Mix in some SpaceX, Space Force, engineering, science, math, and some very off world technology. We discover things like silicon, ICs and binary code have been technology relics for a few centuries as illustrated with the fact they can carbon blend their technology with themselves at a DNA level from birth.

Character Schema

John: Anchor Character, Moral Compass, Friend, Savior

Alacian: Anchor Character, Bigger Than Life, Chance, Victim

UFO Enthusiasts (3): Friend, Doubter, Bumbler, Nemesis 1,2, or 3

Government Agents (2): Nemesis 4&5, Anchor Character

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