Fit and Play Casino Workout for FreePlay

by Jul 28, 2022

Get Fit & Earn FreePlay

Exercise bikes, treadmills and more have casino card readers. You insert your card, start exercising and earn FreePlay to that casino. Expand this with have fun tournaments. Special fitness events. Open to workout classes. They bring in their clients for their regular workout and earn FreePlay.

Win FreePlay by the mile. Or food vouchers.

You can have versions of the machines that rack up winnings, like the machines. Not dollars, but free play. Your exercise machine might pay out more than you work out. Certain days of the week may have better rewards. 

Fitness Slots

A variant on this would be to set up exercise bikes and treadmills in front of the machines. Have dedicated area of Fitness Slots. Let them workout at the very slots they love.

If the machines can be programed with the exercise equipment, then you can set looser slots or more bonus spins or some other incentive.

Create you own machines that are made specifically for fun fitness. 

Start with an announcement offering classes for people to sign up for a couple or few months out. Have graphics and maybe even a video to promote. Gauge the response and execute accordingly.


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