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by Aug 3, 2017



It is not easy to get everyone to drink enough water, and probably because we don’t think about our water intake throughout the day unless there is a health reason to do so. What if there was a passive way to get your family to want to drink more water?


Tap water is boring, and contains a lot of unhealthy things. Flavored water is fun. We love tea, coffee, lemon water, cucumber water, and so many other flavors. We can buy water flavoring packs to put into our water, but these are expensive and inconvenient. There is an easier way.

Turn your home water bottle dispensing machine into a flavor machine. This unit will allow one filter cartridge and six flavor cartridges. The filter can be used for such filters as BiOCERA, while the flavor cartridge options are endless.

Individual flavor cartridges will provide several flavor possibilities. Each flavor is induced by pressing its corresponding button on the dispenser which allows for three flavor intensities using 1,2,3 pushes of the button. An LED will indicate the chosen flavor and its intensity.

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Using the same principle as your printer, the flavor cartridges will clip into the machine, giving you a convenient, mess free, flavoring option. Beyond the endless natural flavors to choose from, you can choose Vitamin C, Energy, tea flavors, coffee and mocha flavors. You can select one flavor or all the flavors in any combinations of intensities. Boring water is over! 

What flavor would you want in your flavor water dispenser? Let me know on Twitter.


Each flavor cartridge has a small circuit board that tells the dispenser when it is empty, just like ink cartridges. You will get a red LED to indicate you need to reorder. If you set up your water dispenser for auto ordering, the dispenser will make sure you are never out of flavoring. Add your Amazon Prime account for quick easy and free delivery. When your flavor arrives, simply return your empty cartridge(s) in the same box. 

Instead of reaching for soda, your family will reach for flavored, healthier water. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter.

If you would like to collaborate with me on this or any other project, please contact me.

Thank you for reading!

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