Flash is Walking the Green Mile so What is Next for Adobe

by Jul 30, 2017



So #AdobeFlash is gone. That took longer than some of us thought. Now the big question of how does Adobe add to the community moving forward is what we all are focusing on. In this post, I am going to take a slightly different approach than others and really go out on a limb. Don’t jump to immediate conclusions, but hear me out.

Adobe has Dreamweaver for those wanting to learn a platform and code their own sites, but what about those small businesses and groups that want easy drag and drop elements? There is Adobe Muse, but that is still not as user friendly as one needs with an interface geared towards semi-professionals. So yes, I am talking about those pesky CMS platforms, in particularly the largest WordPress. Here me out.

Although there are some very impressive stats [1,2] for WordPress, what I see wrong with WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix, or any number of other CMS? There are either clunky themes, or clunky plugins, or both. Some plugins don’t work with some themes, and none are written for specifically to take advantage of a theme. None of the theme developers know anything about the plugins, nor the plugin developers knows anything about the themes. If you ever had to work on these platforms, you know for yourself. One of the largest issues is you can’t A/B test plugins as they will interfere with each other.

Here is how I see Adobe adding to the community while driving HTML standards for many, many years to come. What better way to drive HTML standards than to be a force on a platform that runs 25% of the internet?


Adobe is literally the 1200 lb gorilla in all things creative, so they can create a modern, graphical theme (think Divi) that is powerful, easy to use, secure, and has the framework to build any number of websites. Although WordPress does most of the heavy back-end lifting, there are so many improvements Adobe can add there as well.

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Extend that theme with additional functionality. Shopping cart, forms, calendars, galleries, databases, etc. Most of the plugins providers try to build a one size fits all when it comes to themes which, not only doesn’t produce the best possibly plug-in, but also not feature rich because the support across multiple themes is so high.

Adobe could also make plugins that connect their current product line directly into their theme. Adobe forms, Lightroom for image galleries, Premiere, and the rest of their lineup would all fit. Thus taking themed website design to a pro standard.


Stitch multiple videos together with Video Playlist (auto play, triggers) Use markers/flags to determine sequences for chapters that can be accessed in the plug in, or trigger events. Pull from an Adobe video cloud.


Live adobe filters and transitions within the plug-in for cool user interactions. Interactions with other IDs or classes. Pull from an Adobe photo cloud.


Have a forms builder plugin that will allow easy form creation, then you can export that form into a PDF (look up adobe’s PDF form database)


Photoshop wireframes can transfer to layouts. Example: Layout Packs for Divi.


But Richard, why should Adobe create a WordPress theme and accompanying plugins? Creative pros who want to build really great websites without the uncreative process of writing code would gravitate to this solution. Non pros, such as small business, charities, would welcome the cohesiveness Adobe would bring to this market segment. Adobe would then be able to drive HTML standards from the middle end as they do the high end with their Pro products.

Financially there would be a huge upside. Obviously you would sell the theme and plugins, but you would also introduce more people to your Pro products and as they gain skills, they will feel more comfortable adding Adobe Pro products to their production routine.


  • Theme $59-99
  • Plugins $39-299 each
  • Layout Packs $79-199 each
  • Hosting
  • Cloud services


Let me know on Twitterwhat your thoughts are. Please share and like if you think Adobe should enter into this market segment.

If you would like to collaborate with me on this or any other project, please contact me.

Thank you for reading!


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