Cybersecurity Using Virus Protection on the I/O Controller

by Jul 8, 2019


Using Virus Protection on the I/O Controller

After spending the last 4+ years trying to get someone in the tech industry to hear me out, I thought it best to put my solution here in hopes someone will consider working with me to implementing this solution.

I/O Controller

This is the component of the computer that is in charge of all Input and Output of data. Either on a chipset or directly on the CPU. There is nothing that comes into the system or leaves the system that does not pass through the I/O controller as it is the gatekeeper, or better put, the traffic cop of data within your computer. If you load something on the hard drive or access files from it, that data passes through the I/O controller. Wifi, USB, cellular. Everything passes through this controller.

So I thought, what better place to put the virus protection than on the one component that sees every bit of data.

Why Virus Protection Software Fails

Because it is software level protection. As such it can easily be thwarted. I’ve cleaned many systems with virus protection on it from all the top 3 brands. I have had to because the protection software was disabled or parts of it replaced, or Windows was compromised and allowed a rogue version to be loaded. The user thought the system was being protected and it wasn’t. 

Also, humans. Those pesky carbon based lifeforms that gets in their own way more than not. Always opening emails with obvious too good to be true contents. Once you override your virus protection software and allow something to be installed it can cause havoc.

Obviously there are other ways which are beyond the point of this post, but most have the same initial entry. Bypassing the protection software.

Hardware Level Protection

So then, what is more solid than software? Hardware. Having protection that runs as soon as there is power to the logic board is far and away better than something that loads on the software layer after the OS. You can’t uninstall it, bypass it, or corrupt it as you can software. Recently Apple has placed their security on the Secure Enclave which holds data directly on the chip. I am not suggesting this is or forever will be 100% secure, but far and away more secure than software.

The company that implements this would sell protection on a yearly basis as is commonly done now. The added benefit is that you own the hardware. No other company can load their software on your chip. 

Hardware is faster than software. No need to take much needed resources away from the user to scan every file and email. All of this is done in the background at the hardware level. Only reporting is done on the software level and that doesn’t need real time updates unless a threat has been detected. 

Here is How it Works

Secure I/O would reside in hardware as discussed. Updates to the virus definitions will be handled over secure VPN. Settings will be handled in the BIOS. The silicon would be upgraded to have a dedicated security core. 

  • Scan all files for security
  • Handles all encryption of the drive
  • Safe Files. The SIOC (security IO Chip) would allow a user or company to set files, folders, drives to be locked down and not shared beyond that system or workgroup. As all files have to pass from the drive through the I/O controller to the network or external storage, this is a great place to lock down files. 
  • Dark Files. 3D space access. Companies and government can set up secure fencing where user cannot access select files or services when not at the exact location in 3D space. On this upgraded SIOC you can set GPS and altimeter criteria to protect data and or access to systems or networks. 
  • Reporting can be shown to the user via software so they can easily understand what is taking place. 
  • Security Mesh will allow that SIOC to communicate, via encrypted VPN, to your IT department where they can aggregate threat data and push protocols. The SIOC can also inform neighbor computers of possible threats. 
  • Enterprise level SIOCs can have more security, higher level of encryptions, deeper reporting, and Dark Files with virus definitions being updated at IT rather than virus protection software company. This takes the company providing the security software out of the loop for added security. 

If you would like to collaborate with me on this or any other project, please contact me.

Thank you for reading!


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