Cybersecurity Using Virus Protection on the I/O Controller


I/O Controller

There is nothing that comes into the system or leaves the system that does not pass through the I/O controller as it is the gatekeeper.

So I thought, what better place to put the virus protection than on the one component that sees every bit of data that passes into and out from the system it is attached to.

Why Virus Protection Software Fails

Because it is software level protection. As such it can easily be thwarted. The user thinks the system was being protected and often it is not.

Also, people are always opening emails they should not. Once you allow malicious code into your system, your virus protection software is useless.

Hardware Level Protection

Having protection that runs as soon as there is power to the logic board is far and away better than something that loads on the software layer after the OS. You can’t uninstall it, bypass it, or corrupt it as you can software. 

Hardware is faster than software. No need for the CPU to scan every file or packet. All of this is done in the background at the hardware level. Only reporting is done on the software level and that doesn’t need real time updates unless a threat has been detected.

Here is How it Works

Updates to the virus definitions will be handled in hardware and over secure VPN. Settings will be handled in the BIOS. 

  • Scan all files and packets for threats 
  • Handles all encryption of the drive(s)
  • Safe Files. The SIOC (security IO Chip) would allow a user or company to select files, folders, drives to be locked down and not shared beyond that system or workgroup. 
  • Dark Files with 3D space access. Companies and government can set up secure fencing where user cannot access select files or services when not at the exact location in 3D space. On this enterprise SIOC you can set GPS and altimeter criteria to protect data and or access to systems or networks.
  • Reporting can be shown to the user via software so they can easily understand what is taking place.
  • Security Mesh will allow that SIOC to communicate, via encrypted VPN, to your IT department where they can aggregate threat data and push protocols. Protecting enterprise systems for novice users. 
  • The SIOC may also inform neighbor computers of possible threats and then run proceedures set by the admin.
  • Enterprise level SIOCs can have more security, higher level of encryptions, deeper reporting, Dark Files, and IT level settings. 

Virus Definitions

Just because it is hardware level does not mean you do not need to update your definitions. This is a yearly subscription as it is with most virus protection packages. 

Reason for sharing

I am looking to sell this concept for a 10% share of the virus definition subscription service fees.


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