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by Jan 6, 2023


Concept draft. Much more ideation needed. Proofing needed. Not ready for review or distribution. 

Personal & Business Growth Gym

Below are notes on creating a brand to help others with personal and business growth. From 2lb dumbbells (I have zero clue how to fix my life) to 100lb plates (I am building mass in my life). 


This cannot be dense value and just me speaking. I want

Codie Sanchez

to speak on starting a business.

Jordan Peterson

speaking on mental health and how we convince ourselves of failure.

Gravity Transformation

Create workout and diet routines.

Garage Gym Reviews

Equipment specialist.


What to provide at different workouts. 

Dave Ramsey Books



Immediately there has to be dense value as I pointed out in Cobra Tate post. The first workout needs to be the widest door allowing as many people in as possible, therefore free. Each workout routine leads to the next level workout. Book recommendations should be suggested for each workout.

Workouts are repetitive by nature so some of the routines will be very repetitive to build that good muscle memory.


You can’t enter the gym before you are ready for intense workouts. Bootcamp. Tear down bad mental and physical habits that will hold you back then start building you back up. This workout should have exercises they do that can quantify them building up their confidence and mental prowess. The PDF workbook will provide daily exercises and a growth chart.

Daily Workout Routine – 30 days 

Each workout needs to be on separate pages. No copy/paste in the gym, that never builds. You have to put in the work and some of the exercises gets repeated.

5 minutes writing down your goals for the next year and 3 next steps to get there

10 minutes writing down your 5-year goals and why they are important

5 minutes writing down what you feel is standing in your way

Get Into the Gym

Gravity Transformation and Garage Gym Reviews

PDF of equipment list, workouts, and diet plan (ingredients never to ingest, best foods to burn fat, grow muscle. 

$499 – Warm Up – Core Workout

Now you are ready to enter the gym. I am now their personal trainer.  This workout will get them through an assessment, build a business plan with an exit strategy. Your first business is just to learn the process end to end. Start to Sell. This should not be something you are passionate about. NO ONE likes burpees in our workout routine, but we do them to build endurance and strength throughout our body.

Building Business – 30 Days
  1. building a plan
  2. registering your business
  3. resourcing
  4. marketing (website)
  5. work your business
  6. sell your business

You should know business stages from end to end. This will help you plan your first long term business. If you want, repeat the above 30 day warm up a few times. Each time you should learn more about the process and make some money on the sale for the next business startup. Once you are ready, start your 5 year business and move on to the First Stack workout.

$1499 – 25lb Plates

You should have a business that you want to build solid grown in over the coming years. In this First Stack, we are going to stack the plates. Yes, it gets harder from here, but you don’t grow with 5 pounders. Let’s get into this!

Here you will learn how to grow your business. Not just financially, but internally as your frame has to be able to hold the weight so we need to build upper and lower doing push and pulls. And yes, lots of stretching. Your business has to be flexible or your injure yourself. 

$9999 – 100lb Plates

I’m spotting you so keep repping.


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