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by Jul 29, 2019

AMAZON Meal Kits Whole Foods and TV.

How to Breathe life back into this market.

Once again I want o conjoin a few things to make the whole greater than its sum. I believe what the meal kit industry lacks is palatability. That magic that happens with food that makes you want it before you even try it. Here is what I see happening.

Amazon to create a TV series like TLC’s Take Home Chef, that will have a professional chef walking the aisle of Whole Foods looking for shoppers. The chef finds one, introduces them to the Amazon Meal Kits, selects a kit to match their food preference and skills, then takes them home to show them how easy it is. The chef also shows them best practices, kitchen tricks, and how to plate. Focus on Creating, not Shopping.

Selling Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils

A huge plus is selling kitchen gadgets along with the meal kits. The chef will show new gadgets, utensils, and cookware. Silicon pads, molds, rings, and so much more. All linkable in the show notes and within the recipe card with the kit. Who can resist the latest gadget, processor, or accessory? This alone could be more valuable than selling the meal kits. 

When showing the kitchen gear, put a tag on it that indicates which meal kit level it is used on. If someone is shopping for a new food processor and doesn’t know about the Amazon Meal Kits, this will be a great way to introduce them. ‘This processor is features on all Level 3 meal kits. Check out these links.’ Which shows the meal kits and the TV episodes they appear in. 

Sells lots of new kitchen gadgets:

Amazon Meal Kits for All Skill Levels

The show will highlight the Amazon Meal Kits for different skill levels. One of the biggest issues surrounding meal kits is the fact that people get trained up and find it cheaper to buy the ingredients themselves. If the training stops, so will the meal kit purchases.

As you progress in your skills, you purchase meal kits with ingredients in bulk to learn how to make many meals from base ingredients. Perhaps you are creating sides for 2-3 meals with the Side Kit. Or making soups with the Soup Kit, or sauces with the Sauce Kit. You can have Dessert Kits to try new recipes. As your skills grow, so does the kitchen tools you use which are showcased as described above. You also grow in the difficulty of the food being prepared. This way there is always room to grow, and always reason to purchase meal kits and kitchen tools from Amazon.

Beginner: has everything you need already measured and all you need to do is mix and cook.

Sous Chef: Learn to measure and cut food. Learn techniques and equipment. Buy fresh pasta and dough. Make cakes, cookies, breads and more. You do the prepping. Learn more about which equipment is best for the job.

Home Chef: Home chef buys bulk ingredients as they will be cooking more. You pick the next 10 meals you want and you get bulk herbs and spices, flour and eggs, meat and fish. Much less packaging and pre-prep. If you want to learn how to make fresh pasta, you can with the bulk ingredients and proper equipment. 

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Consider offering vegetarian meal kits and vegan meal kits that incorporates 3rd party foods such as Beyond Meat. Having Amazon’s own version of Beyond Meats via Whole Foods brand would be best for margins and supply chain. The TV show can teach people how to incorporate vegetarian and even vegan options into their meat dishes for healthier options, especially sides. This would be a great category for Soup Kit, Sauce Kit and Dessert Kit. So many options to try. 

Amazon Master Home Chef

Now that you are a master Amazon chef, the TV show can show you how to buy fresh ingredients, at Whole Foods of course. How to prepare exotic ingredients and how to experiment at home. These home chefs are probably not purchasing meal kits by this point, but could be purchasing kits to create unique dishes. This is a great way to transition those who are naturally leaving the meal kits to buying fresher ingredients at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Promoter

Educate people on the benefits of Whole Foods and your delivery service. If all people hear is that Whole Foods is ‘Whole Paycheck’ then they probably won’t bother stopping in to see why. 



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