Information Wars

by Nov 12, 2020

Information Dominance

Weaponry For Winning

Think about the movie 300. This is a group of men severely outnumbered in battle. But why were they able to prevail? Strategy and a fortified location.They’re only mistake was not recognizing the least among them.

We have so many warriors of truth in the influencer sphere as well as new media and some remaining in traditional media. But they need better representation of the information.

What they lack is not the willpower, the dedication, nor the strength to fight. No, what they lack is modern weaponry. What is lacking is the ability to get the most valued information to the front lines as quickly as possible. Media outlets are too concerned with high click rates from searches and their own social media, that they overlook the enormous ability to gain those clicks by having shareable content.

And most media outlets also do a very poor job of relaying key information to the readership in such a way that it is precise, organized, and clean. May I appoint you to the header image in this article, from the Epoch Times. Whoever put this content together is brilliant and very well understands modern information dissemination. The only thing I would change would be the internal page, allowing the content to have an embedded link so that influencers can easily add this content anywhere they like.

I would also like that same designer, who created the above the fold information, to create infographics that are shareable. Some unique graphical representation of the information needs to be included with each major article. 

It is not just the information that is important, but the visual representation of that information, and the ease of sharing that information is vital to winning this war. And not just a singular piece of shareable content, but a strategy to take the same information and repackage it in a certain number of ways for any article so that numerous influencers can share the same information according to the audience they serve.

Most larger marketing departments have a set of deliverables for every piece of information. Often times it will be a blog post, a podcast, social media, and an email campaign. Having a default set of deliverables for every piece of content will help drive the overall information dissemination.

All this information has to be in high resolution. This includes graphics, infographics, and video so that the information has the best chance that being authoritative. Nothing says junk information more than a 720p video, or low resolution infographics.

Studio Media

Studio broadcasts needs to do a much better job of helping viewers to collaborating information. The lower thirds needs to relay to the viewer that additional information is available on the website and where. Often times information is seen in the video, but no supporting information can be easily found on the website. Any video embed should include links back to relevant information discussed within the video.

This is to say there needs to be a direct correlation of information on the different platforms (studio, web, app). I might see information within a video from the news talent, but I want something I can share on my social media. That may include just that segment of the video. This means you have to take each segment on the news broadcast and pull it out. Then add a beginning and end slate and make it shareable at high resolution.

We need to give influencers the information packaged in such ways that it can go viral more often. It has to be authoritative. It must track back to other information. 


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