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by Oct 19, 2023

Subscribe Your AI to Data Feeds?

How ai will Gain knowledge

AI is great, but limited to trained data or searching the web, which as we know, can provide good or bad data. But what if your GPT could subscribe to a feed that would be provide not only up to the minute data, but accurate data and in a format you GPT can parse quickly, vectors. Similar to the Web Vectors I spoke about earlier,  but one curated by the content owner themselves. You subscribe to them through your GPT provider.


I might subscribe to Farmers Almanac for future weather predictions. Now instead of my AI just giving me the weather today, I can ask such things as ‘what day will the first frost take place?’

I might subscribe to the encyclopedia Britannica for a wealth of information that I can now use my GPT’s vision feature with the encyclopedia. 

This can apply to law, science, news, and every topic. Direct feeds from sources you trust. Don’t like Britannica, sub to another brand.

Not just your web GPT or your phone app GPT, but your home hub GPT.

Home Hub or HomeBot can have the LLM as the OS itself. See the MemGPT paper.


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