AI’s Threat to Humanity

by Jan 9, 2018

AI's Threat to Humanity


I am not going to bury the lead. I do not believe that artificial intelligence is a direct threat to the existence of human life. I do not believe that somehow a machine will ever have feelings or emotions and therefore won’t have many of the human flaws that govern our actions and interactions.


Artificial Intelligence is the capability to perform tasks based on initial human intervention. The capability to learn is programed in. The extent of the machines ability to learn beyond its initial programming is based on that programming. A well programmed machine can learn far beyond humans by reprogramming itself with much greater capabilities.


There is a unmeasurable distance between intellect and emotion. Often the two not having interactions with the other. Machines won’t ever have emotions. Why? Well we answered that in What is AI. More so, nothing that has the capability to have immense intelligence will ever cloud that capability with emotions. Emotions are great as they allow humans to bond, build families and have a connection with each other. Let’s be clear. Robots will never need to hug it out over a disagreement.


Without emotions, AI won’t feel any threat of going extinct. It won’t have that worry. It won’t care. Even if it somehow did, how can we presume the most intelligent entity would ever be threatened by humans? It would outthink every move we could imagine, in a fraction of a fraction it would take us to imagine it. To say humans would be a threat to the ultimate AI, would greatly reduce the capabilities of ultimate AI.


AI would have energy capabilities far beyond carbon based energy, or the very inefficient renewables we love so much. Everything it does will be more efficient. AI will never need to procreate beyond its ability to resource materials to do so. Matter of fact, AI will not have the need to procreate at all. So overcrowding is a non-issue. Even if it were, AI would be able to build up, under, or out into space. Before AI needed to take over the planet, it will spill out into space.


I do believe that Artificial Intelligence is a threat to human intelligence. Humans rely on technology for far too much. I’m guilty of this myself. We ask Google everything. We require our phones to be a resource of endless information. No longer do we have to do math, or remember facts. When is the last time you memorized a persons phone number? When you constantly train your brain to not have to memorize data, it soon will retard its ability to do so. Anything not used will atrophy.

This is by far the biggest threat facing humans as we look towards a future of AI. Further will be the classes of thinkers vs. non-thinkers. There was a time where non-thinkers would have the ability to work labor, or entry jobs. But with the advent of AI, those jobs will be taken by much more efficient machines.

What happens to society that does not need to work to be smarter, more capable, but also does not have the jobs for those who are not? Let us be honest. The human race as a whole is not a highly motivated species. Far too many, when given the chance, will allow others to take care of them. Do we become a society reliant on robots for our basic needs? Will our intelligence atrophy to the point of no return? Or will humans use artificial intelligent machines to better themselves?

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