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by Jan 19, 2022

 Hi Kris

Create a subscription service that builds prepping skills like KiwiCo does for STEM.

Each monthly craft kit will contain an activity and everything needed to graduate preppers from videos to actually building skills. Kits includes what you need, directions with QR code to a CPCC (City Prepping Craft Course) video (could be a subscription service on its own at a lower cost, but included with the craft kits). You currently have videos for most all of these topics, now turn them into fun, go out and do it, activities. Each kit also includes a CP badge for completing the activity for Beginner, Prepper, and Bushmaster levels.

Below are just a few ideas.

Rope, Cord, & Knots

Different types of rope and paracord. Lessons includes tying knots, securing shelter, making rope, separating paracord. How to craft paracord into different objects you can easily take with you (bracelet, knife rope, etc.)


Maps (waterproof for your state), compass and fun activities to learn how to do both. How to easily tell which direction you are going. How to identify shelter and threats.


How to make a filter. How to find water. Purifying water.


Fire starting techniques. Different cooking, heating fires. Safety & OpSec.


Build a shelter. Perhaps this is a recurring craft kit with each being a different shelter type. (may be based on subscribers location). Craft kit has a tarp and paracord. Lean how to use these as well as bushcraft.


Seed packs to grow what you need to survive. From protein to medicinal. How to grow in different climates and conditions. This can be a recurring craft kit that has soil gardening, then hydroponics, then aquaponics, then aeroponics.


Craft kit includes a medical kit designed for activities such as bandaging and splinting. Not just what to pack, but how to use what you pack. What to pack for your area.


How to identify plants in your area. Let’s use those plants for survival. Craft kit includes a waterproof plant guide for your area to identify and activities to use those plants. Includes seeds if you want to grow your own.


How to make soap. Craft kit includes everything you need.


How to make bleach. Craft kit includes everything you need.

How to Bake/Cook This Survival Food

Recurring craft kit with ingredients to make a particular survival food.

Catch, Clean, and Cook

Series of these craft kits includes a waterproof animal parts worksheet for an animal in your area good for food. Seasoning, any tools (knife/trap/fishing line/lures).

Trees & Bush

Waterproof worksheet to identify trees and bushes. Their purposes. Then crafts to use them in different ways. Fires, bows, shelter,etc.


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