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As an Asana Service Partner, I will show you best practices for:

I service San Diego, Idaho, West Coast or East Coast. United States and around the world.


Projects & Teams

How to set up projects and teams and the workflows within them.


Very powerful, flexible and collaborative. Tasks are your super heros.


Manage autonomously with rules. A virtual PM built in to help move tasks and statuses.


Project Status, Dashboards, Portfolio. See what you want, how you want, when you want.


Set up unique workflows for each team, department or vertical.


Better transparency and accountability.


How to manage budgets for projects and determine costs.

Time Tracking

Track time by task. Rolls up into projects and clients.


Who has availability or overallocated.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Asana is the tool for you.

Do you need to track tasks and projects within verticals and cross-functionally? Manage resources by time and allocation? Need a better way to view budgets and plan for future projects? Is your reporting organized so you can see quickly the status of projects and portfolios? Do you need automation so you aren’t managing tasks minute by minute? Do you need workflows to kick-off automatically?

Are you having a hard time visualizing tasks? Can’t see how your company is doing overall? Need to make sure everyone is working on what is important? Asana is the tool you need to visualize your organization.

Having worked for celebrities (Tony Robbins), agencies, and startups. Helping them set up project templates, task workflows, and training people to be efficient. I’ll help you visualize not only tasks, but projects via portfolios and guide you through goals so you can measure success.


Your ROI With Asana

How much time is wasted finding tasks and trying to get people working on the tasks that are the most important?

You will save considerable money monthly by having everyone focused on executing tasks, not finding them. When people know what to do, they can do it more quickly. When they get the answers they need quickly, that reduces work latency.

When you can visualize your workload and allocate tasks to resources that are available, you have less down time and you don’t over stress your most valued resources. Those most likely to be assigned every task by default.

Setting goals that are based on task/project completion, you are more likely to achieve them. Your team is focused on what needs to get done to up-level your company. Exactly what needs to get done and success is measured with the completion of every task. No more quarterly updates!

Instantly get value returned with a fully functioning Asana workflow.

Custom Asana Development

One of the strengths Asana brings is the ability to extend its functionality via custom app development. Me and my partner agency can develop custom functionality to meet your needs. Whether you need to connect to another platform or add functionality, our developer partnership with Asana allows us to tightly integrate your Asana custom application into the UI as if Asana developed it themselves.


What can we develop?

  • Custom Rules Engines
  • API connections to other applications
  • Extended reporting with pivot tables and alerts
  • Unique task IDs
  • Custom relationships between fields
  • And much more

Read what my clients have to say

Rich Jankins

Richard was extremely helpful in giving an in-depth look into Asana and providing insight on setting up Rules, Templates, etc. to help automate and streamline our workflow within Asana. He took what could be an overwhelming task of learning and implementing Asana into an organization and turned it into an easy to digest experience! Highly recommend.

Rich Jankins

Richard led the integration, structure and training of Asana for our organization within DIRECTV. Today we have an entire organization who are hands on working in the platform. Without Richard’s expertise and his dedication I’m not sure we would be as successful as we are today. Richard is an “all-in” professional and happy to recommend him anytime… our Asana Pro!

Andrew Rawson

Richard is the ultimate Asana / Project Management pro! He helped our team with the transition from Basecamp to Asana and it couldn’t have gone smoother! We are a virtual team and heavily rely on automations for our project management…he set us up with all the nerdy automations that I was dreaming of! Hire him today if you want your business to run smoother!

Andrew Rawson

What makes Richard such a great consultant is that he is an expert not just in Asana but also in project management itself. Many consultants just teach how to use each feature without any context and in the end, you may know the answers to a test question but you are no better at managing projects. With Richard, he starts by understanding the nature of your work and then teaches what you need to know about Asana to help you manage your projects. His approach is professional and patient and we could not be happier with his work for us.

I am so lucky to have found Richard. When I told him my deadline, he did not hesitate, and got to work right away showing me the best way to use Asana. He has been a very patient, professional, and knowledgeable instructor for this software.

I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.

Mathew Peranick
I was in the middle of a deep audit process on all of our agency’s workflows, project management templates, doc + sheet templates, etc when we synced up with Richard. He helped us bring all of our workflows into Asana, and build effective templates that are helping our agency scale up efforts.

Richard truly helped us build a real project management foundation and lay the groundwork to build up and scale our business.

He helped us realize all of the efficiencies that Asana and their tech has to offer. As a lead PM, he has helped me see the light forward.

“If it’s not in Asana, it doesn’t exist” – Richard Getz

Sergio Review
Richard is a stellar project manager and a core valuable member to any team. I had the pleasure of working with Richard on a variety of E-commerce launches where Richard played an integral role in building a strong organizational foundation for our teams to execute. On the technical side, Richard also carries a strong understanding of front-end web development and workflows which have proven valuable time and time again. I look forward to working more with Richard and he would would a valuable asset to any team.

Read what former colleagues have to say

Keenan Shaw Review
Richard is one if the most thorough, passionate, and organized project managers that Ive has the pleasure of working with. He takes his work very seriously and is always engaged with the task at hand. If you want someone with a strong understanding of website development and digital marketing Richard is your guy.
Vennice Tan Review
Richard is the best project manager I have ever worked with. He is very skilled at collaborating projects using Asana and keeping all individuals accountable for their deadline. Richard is dedicated and passionate for his job, He is also a great leader and mentor to the team. Given a chance, I would work with him again and again.
David Spencer Review
Richard is an engaging and engaged leader. He brought energy and insight to his project management responsibilities. I trusted him to provide thorough, accurate project reporting, and to keep his projects on track. It was a pleasure working with Richard, and I would hire him again.
Beth Mickelberg Review
Richard is a gifted project manager with an resilient work ethic and level of dedication above and beyond the call of duty. I had the pleasure of working with Richard on a number of very tight timeline projects at Tony Robbins, and Richard not only completed them on time and above expectation, but he did so with grace and patience. Richard also took on many duties which were outside of his immediate area of influence. His passion, dedication and willingness to learn and stretch would be an asset to any organization!

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Asana Pro

I live in Idaho but work remote for all my clients using Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and of course Asana. I use Asana daily for many years and now working as your Asana Partner. As your Asana Service Partner I can quickly get your tasks organized, streamlined and manageable. Gone are the days of micro-managing tasks and workflows as I’ll show you how to use Asana Rules to update statuses, move tasks around the Kanban, add and update collaborators and much more.

If you need better visibility into your Asana, I will show you how to get the most out of project Progress and Dashboards as well as rolling projects up into portfolios.

From small efforts to large multi-project programs, Asana will help you deliver more while managing less. As an Asana Service Partner, I can show you how to get the most from Asana.

Happy to do a 15 minute call so you can learn more about me and Asana.

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Richard Getz - Asana Certified Pro
“If it’s not in Asana, it doesn’t exist”!


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