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Richard set up an awesome website for my business. I'm extremely obsessive about having a high quality, professional website and he went over and above. I've recommended him to everyone on my Facebook and twitter accounts. I'll be coming back to him for any future updates to my site or any other websites that I need to have completed. He's patient, professional, and attentive. He'll be there for you to create a site that will take your business to the next level.

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Sean Elliott

Impulse Buys 4 U

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  • HTML5 compliant
  • CSS3 styled
  • Foundation framework
  • Responsive designs
  • Graphics
  • Logos
  • CMS
  • Secure logins

Our websites are built on the Foundation framework for modern, responsive websites that will impress your visitors. Great first impressions will convert visitors to clients/buyers more often, so putting your best site forward is important.

Responsive Design

Having a responsive website is mandatory today. To the point, Google will penalize your rankings for non responsive sites. So what is responsive web design? When elements on your site re-position according to the viewport size of the device you are viewing the content on.

Is it time to re-design your site for a better user experience? If you are unsure, it most definitely is. Responsive sites are so expected, your visitors may not stay if they can't interact with your site as modern design dictates. Ask for your free evaluation today!

Milpower Website
Locksmith of Philadelphia Website
Scott Home Repair Website


I want to start with an in-person meeting or phone call to fully understand where you are at regarding your website and what your expectations are.

Then I will write up everything we discussed and have you review it. If everything looks great, I formalize it, if not, we discuss.

A project charter will detail this effort's goals, deliverables, which are your features and discuss their benefits. The charter will state all assumptions, and give direction on change requests. If this sounds daunting, don't worry, it's not. The charter is sectioned and uses plain English, with any technical terms defined. You will sign the charter authorizing the project and submit the first 50% payment, usually via PayPal.

A wireframe is created which is also called a mockup, or design layout. This will give you a visual representation of how your site's layout will look. We can then move things around. As content always drives design, this is the step where most changes occur. You will sign off, via email, that you approve the wireframes and the development can start.

During development, I will create your site on my server and give you access to completed sections for your review. This is where you might want to submit change requests for added features, changed designs, or other work.

Soon the site is complete. This is where the next 25% is due. Here we will go over each page and fix any defects we find. This should be a fast process, and your approval is again needed.

The site is ready for release, which is uploading it to your server. We will again walk through the site making sure everything works, and when approved, the final 25% is due.

Questions & Answers

Can I update my site without calling you?

Yes. Three ways this can be done.

  1. You can open the code, change, and save. This requires you to be comfortable with editing code, but this is the lest expensive way.

  2. I can build you a basic CMS that saves data files with your changes.

  3. I will build a full CMS with database and your entire site will run from this. You will be able to easily change all content, add or remove pages, and update styles. This is expensive, so first, let's evaluate what changes you may have, how often you will have them, and do a cost benefit analysis.

How long will the process take?

It greatly depends on the complexity of your site, and how quickly I get approvals from you. The biggest time thief is not getting content on time.

How do I know I am getting what I asked for?

All your requirements will be documented and approved by you prior to any work starting. Please refer to our Process above.

Do I pay everything upfront?

No. I require 50% down on start, another 25% completed demo, and the remaining 25% after uploading the site to your server.

What if I want to make changes during development?

A change request is filled out by you. Then I assess the cost and impact to the timeline. You then approve or reject the added scope.

Should I have the SEO done before or after the site is finished?

Always before. SEO determines all your page elements. This includes your page address, known as the URI. If we start with, and SEO reveals is a better match, we have to rename the page, all the links to that page, and do what is called a 301 redirect so search engines can update their database. As you can see, much more effort as we are redoing much of the work.