Six Recruiting Tips

Don't Just Hire, Recruit

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Bringing in new talent should be purposeful with clear goals and objectives. Hiring people is easy, getting rid of them is hard. Take the extra time and steps to ensure you are hiring the best fit for the position. During this solution session, I will outline how you can have a recruiting mindset when hiring your next human resource.

Recruit the perfect fit

  • Identify and Justify the Need
  • Replenishing or Expanding
  • Don't Hire Hastily
  • Communicating
  • Lessons learned
  • Continually Look for Talent

Identify and justify the need

It might seem obvious, but we need to identify why we have the need, and in doing so, justify that need, so we can frame how we go about recruiting. Try this: I need to hire someone for these 3 reasons, to accomplish these 3 goals. This will force you to think of who and why. The next tip will further define this need.


Replenishing or Expanding - Internal vs. External

Are you filling a vacancy from exiting staff, or is increased workload driving the need? Can someone internally do this work, or is the required skill set outside your company?

Resourcing inside allows you to reward someone with a promotion, while also allowing you to bring in a new hire at a more junior position. Junior positions can be useful as they are non-critical roles, therefore more easily replaced if the person does not work out. You also get train this person in your corporate culture earlier in their career.

If you need to bring someone in from the outside to fill a talent or knowledge gap, then be sure to also look at supporting skills or knowledge this person has that will further increase your team, department, or company.


Don't hastily hire

Hiring people is easy, getting rid of them is hard. Not only does it take time to remove bad talent from your team, you have to look at the financial cost and overall team impact. Team morale will be negatively impacted with bad talent, and that takes a huge amount of effort to undo. Think of this: If you had the choice of waiting two more weeks to buy a house, or buying one now and risking years of repairs because you did not conduct any home inspections, which would you choose? I'm sure you would take the extra time for proper home inspections. Do proper recruitment inspections and drastically reduce your risk of buyer's remorse and negative impact on your team.


Communicating with your team and boss

Team participation. What is expected from them? How can they help, and how will this impact them? It is hard to build that team spirit if your team is constantly out of the loop on issues. Your boss can either be a help or a hindrance when it comes to financing additional talent. People tend to be more favorable the more they have insight to what is going on.

Does your team know someone who might be the perfect fit, or wish to step up and fill the role themselves?

When the recruitment process is done correctly, it will take time to find the right talent. If the team is involved in the process, even if it is only a progress update, you will reduce the team's stress and increase their willingness to take up the slack until the right person is found.


Lessons learned

After the need is over, it is hard to take the time to reflect and record. However, I very much suggest you take the time to do so as what you have gained will inevitably help you the next time.

  • How well did this process go?
  • What did you do that really helped, or hindered?
  • Did you find a great recruiter, or a way to post on Craig's List that worked well for you?

It may be a while before you hire again, so be sure to capture lessons learned so you can reflect on what worked and didn't work the next time you hire. Also, ask around to see if anyone that you know has a lessoned learned before you start the hiring process.


Continually look for talent

Even if you are not ready to add additional people to your workforce right now, knowing where to start is a great place to start! Identifying the talent of everyone you meet will build a short list of those you might want to recruit when needed. It will also help you to more fully see what is of the upmost importance to you when it comes to quality people and work ethic. You will be surprised at how often you find really talented people you simply took for granted.

Imagine the next time you need to hire, you have several people who already impress you with their work ethic. Remember, training trainable people is rewarding to both you and your company.

I have more than once increased the quality of my team by hiring more talented people when I did not have the need. I found people I just had to have on my team, and brought them in. Either you can replace with the weakest person on your team, or simply stack the bench.


Next we'll best interview practices to quickly find that perfect fit. here


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