Promoting Your YouTube Channel

Basic Steps To Promoting Your YouTube Channel

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You have a YouTube Channel, now what? You need to get eyeballs on your videos but how do you do that? This is going to be an introductory to a series I will be presenting over the next couple months. Here is what I will be covering.

Thumbnails and Titles

How and why good thumbnails important and what words should we use in titles. So many channels miss out on this as they are excited to get that video posted. But don't fall short at the last step. Make it count!!

SEO for Organic Search Results

Google owns YouTube, so having good SEO so your videos shows up in search results are important. Getting your videos to show up on YouTube's suggested videos is very important. Getting them to show up in organic search results opens you to an audience outside of YouTube.

Social Sharing & Solicitation

How to share your videos on social networks and how to solicit people help to get them viral. I'll cover when to share and how often. Posting your videos once is never enough. You really have to get out there and engage within your social media platforms. And each is different. We'll discuss how.

How to Share You Videos Within Other Videos

When to use YouTube cards, when to mention within videos and when, if at all, to share on other channels. Just posting a video does not make it successful. Much work still needs to be done.

Stay Tuned

So stay tuned and we'll dive much deeper into these important aspects of channel ownership. Tell me on Twitter what you will like to see discussed.

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