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I reached out to all the major #drone manufacturers in the hopes of collaborating on the Drone Laser Tag concept, but as none have replied back, I wanted to open this up to the community. So let me know what your thoughts are. I originally posted here on Twitter.

Everything needs accessories. If #drones would have a usb-c port on the drone and mappable buttons on both the remote and app as well as any needed APIs, then the community would generate all sorts of accessories for fun, work, security, and much more.

Aerial Dogfighting

One such accessory would be Laser Tag Drones. Front mount a laser and attach four target discs for some awesome dogfighting! The FAA would not allow a normal laser for obvious reasons, but I'm sure a solution to that is easy.

Who would you dogfight first? Answer on Twitter

Obstacle Course

Why stop at laser tag drones? Taking that accessory and using disc targets off-drone, you can set up an incredible obstacle course. You can run a obstacle race by time, or by points. You can run a relay race. The gaming is endless.

With this one accessory pack you would open up an incredibly fun new sport. If you build a drone with third party accessory ports and mappable buttons, you would open up your drone to be the most sought after platform. Think of what the Apple App Store is for the iPhone and iPad.

Think of it as a cross between #BattleBots, #AmericanNinjaWarrior and #NinjaWarrior.

Let me know what your favorite drone accessory would be. Also, let me know what type of obstacle course you would set up. Comment here!

If you would like to collaborate with me on drone laser tag, or any other project, please contact me.

Thank you for reading!

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I just found Drone n'Base which has aspects of my solution. I really like the direction and use of the iPad for VR.

I would like to see this extended. Perhaps they could add YouTube live streams of competitions. Show the fun, sell the products. Then sell the accessories. Then sell more drones to friends.


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