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What YouTube Channel Owners Need

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Here are a few solutions I would like to see implemented to maximize the Amazon Influencer Program also known as Amazon Affiliate Program.

Product Packs

Many YouTube channels just need a single landing page to promote products they use or sell. However, there are many more that sell products unique to individual videos and it would be nice to not have their subscribers sort though a bunch of products to find those for a particular video.

My solution is to have Amazon Influencer Product Packs. These are larger icons above the individual products that are groups of products. You simply click on the product pack and view all of the individual products within. Much like Lists for individuals.


A tech channel probably only has one or two items per video and affiliate links will probably work great for them. However, I am working with a client whose daughter does makeup videos. There are 5-10 makeup products plus costumes, plus accessories. Having all of this on one landing page from one video is ok, but not from 20 videos you have to sort through. This is a perfect solution for the Amazon Influencer Program to answer.

DIY sites are the same. You have several products per video and most are unique to that video. Any visitor to the influencer page from one of these channels will get frustrated quickly.


Here are some features that Amazon might include in their Influencer Program

  • The Pack description would include YouTube links and room for a brief description of what this Pack is about. This is a great way to cross promote Packs/Videos.
  • Checkboxes to remove pack items before purchase.
  • One-click purchase for the entire Pack.
  • Analytics for Packs, not just items.
  • Short URL directly to the Pack
  • Duplicate the pack for easy creation. There might be videos where many items are the same, such as the DIY videos.
  • Able to use video thumbnail for Product Pack thumbnail. Great reference back to the YouTube video.
  • Ability to adjust the thumbnail size S,M,L.
  • Give influencers graphics and video they can use in their videos for promotions.

Amazon Merch

Let me take a moment to discuss Amazon Merch as there is huge opportunity for the influencer. Many of these channel owners would benefit from this merch store. However, right now it is just t-shirts, which is a great start. Much more can be added, then sold via the Amazon Influencer page.

  • Mugs, tumblers, water bottles
  • Hats
  • Tanks, work shirts, jackets
  • Smartphone cases
  • Pens, buttons, [bumper] stickers, magnets, etc.
  • Backpacks and lunch boxes
  • Why not offer any printing needs found at VistaPrint?

Amazon Music Tracks

Shutterstock is now offering sound tracks. You know YouTube channels need great sound tracks so I would suggest Amazon to include this for their influencers. Has nothing to do with the above topic, but I have your attention so I'm going all in. One stop Amazon shop.

If you would like to collaborate with me on this or any other project, please contact me.

Thank you for reading!


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