#AdGate YouTube Suicide

What YouTube Must to Do Before #AdGate Makes Them Extinct

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The issue of #AdGate, or #adpocalypse, is well known throughout the internet, but for those who don’t know; YouTube has had advertisers pull out due to video content not suitable for their ads. YouTube does have algorithms that tries to flag content and demonetize them, however, this has swung the pendulum completely the other way and now many channels, mostly conservative, are being demonetized, many manually. Have you need an YouTube ad revenue decline?

As to not bury the lead, let me first give you my solution, then I’ll unpack it afterwards. YouTube is owned by Google who uses their AdWords to allow advertisers to create and disseminate ads. I am presuming YouTube uses the same.

Part One - Advertiser

Allow advertiser to select uploaded videos to be used in their ad campaigns. These videos must meet ad criteria, such as length. Then in the dashboard they set their spend as you would in AdWords. They can also set thresholds for types of content their ad can appear. I’m sure this part is being done already.

Part Two - Channels

If a channel meets a certain threshold, such as number of subscribers or average video views, then they can go to an advertiser’s channel and request advertising. They fill in a brief cover letter describing why and what benefit they feel they will bring. The advertiser can accept or decline. They can decline with or without reasons noted back to the channel owner. They can also then set the spend on ad(s) for that channel.

Simple in theory but requires a bit of work on YouTubes part. A sacrifice I am willing to make ;)

Video Ad Placement

I would also like to see the ability to manually place ads within the video, thus allowing better video flow. I would also like to see the ability to have a default ad play in this space if a revenue ad is not available. This allows a channel can cut their video for future advertising, while having something there if not, such as a channel promotion video. Example: "We'll discuss this right after the break" would allow for proper outro/intro for ads, while the placeholder ad maintains continuity.

Benefit to YouTube

This has a huge potential to generate more ad plays, especially on channels currently demonetized. YouTube would greatly benefit from the added YouTube ad revenue.

This shifts the onus of ads procurement to the channel owner. This also allows advertisers more control of who is allowed to show their ad, while also having access to more channels.

More importantly, this removed YouTube from #AdGate by distancing themselves from the relationship of advertiser and channel owners. The controversy would move away from YouTube. No more will they have to manage the blowback from channel owners.

Benefit to Channel Owners

Channel owners now have access to more ad YouTube ad revenue possibilities and can build relationships directly with the advertisers. A channel owner can negotiate a better ad rate based on the quality of their channel. They can also procure more ads to play on longer videos. The more revenue channel owners make, the more motivated they will be to create better content.

Benefit to Advertisers

Advertisers can better sculpt where their ads play, how often, and at what ad rate. More directly reaching your target audience is the goal of any advertiser.

The End of YouTube

The urgency on YouTube is to act before losing channel owners, due to #AdGate, to an upcoming conservative video platform. No action could be devastating to YouTube. If a solution like outlined above is not implemented soon and a conservative tech company decides to challenge YouTube’s monopoly, they could lose hundreds of millions in ad YouTube ad revenue nearly overnight.

The question for YouTube is, what is keeping conservative channel owners on their platform? Well, if the channel is not making money, then it is the fact the YouTube platform is the only viable one. When that changes, then YouTube is in serious trouble.

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