What Walmart Needs to Do to Beat Amazon

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Amazon Prime is a Gimmick, But it Works

Walmart doesn't want to compete with a Prime Membership stating they give free shipping to everyone. Everyone that spends a certain amount per order that is. What Walmart fails to see is that Amazon Prime is a gimmick that works.

Walmart Delivery

Here's why. People are impulse buyers. I see it I need it. Also, I think of it, I need it now. Not when I have a minimum order that could give me time to think twice about my purchase. As an Amazon Prime member, I think of something I need, or want, and order it with free shipping. Regardless of the fact that I just ordered something yesterday or may order something tomorrow. Amazon Prime allows me to impulse buy, and we all know how lucrative that is.

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Quicker & Cheaper Delivery

Walmart has stores all over the country. Heck, all over the world. If they created a drivers position within each store, they could same day deliver at will. This will give them an advantage over Amazon. No boxing items up. No shipping charges. No third party. Just place the items in #Walmart delivery bags and deliver. But what if the person isn't home you say? If someone is checking same day delivery, the chances are high they are home, however, this can even be a verification at checkout. The driver keeps some boxes in the van just in case. Solved!

World Wide Shipping

Here again, Walmart has the advantage. I can order something in California to be delivered anywhere in the world. If within the delivery of a Walmart store, it's free. If having to ship a fee can be dependent on location.


I probably don't have to say it, but returns are easier also as Walmart has delivery trucks in your area and can pick up returns or exchanges.


Here is were Amazon really wants to dig their feet into. This new market of home grocery delivery. Again, Walmart has the upper hand. From basic groceries to full on Super Walmart store shopping that can even put a dent into Costco. Because who wants to wait at Costco when you can sit at home and get delivery?

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