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USPS Hemorrhages Money. How Might They Turn a Profit?

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USPS Hemorrhages Money?

This is not a secret by any means. Brittany De Lea writes Why the Postal Service doesn’t need Amazon and states shocking loses.

The most recent year’s losses of $2.7 billion are down from more than $5 billion in each of the prior two fiscal years. The last time USPS recorded a profit was more than a decade ago.

Looses of $2.7 billion don't even make the news. The only reason we're talking about this is because @POTUS called out Amazon over being charged too little by #USPS. Ok, sure, a government agency loosing billions is not really breaking news, I get it. But what solution can be had to fix this?

Instead of reducing the quality of service or raising prices, why don't we ponder a new revenue stream? This is just one solution. Please share yours via the Twitter.

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Postcard Kiosk

The USPS has these handy kiosks for mailing letters. A bit clunky, but better than standing in a line. I suggest taking this concept and building on it and offering the postal kiosk at retailers.

Postcard kiosk works like this. You have a postcard spinner rack next to this new postal kiosk. You select a postcard, fill it out. Slide it in the kiosk, enter the destination address, and pay for the card and postage. Slip the postcard in the kiosk mail slot to be picked up.

USPS makes money on the postcard was well as the postage without having the expense of the physical stamp.

Ink Stamps

Introduced in the postcard kiosk, but expanded to all postage in the future. No need for physical stamps. All Ink Stamps are QR and databased tracked for security and to thwart postage theft.

Ink Stamps can be used outside the USPS and the kiosk similar like, but USPS makes all the revenue.


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