Gas Station to eStation

The Type of Energy has Changed, But Not the Need for It.

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Chris Anderson from 3D Robotics asked the question “What is the electric future of gas stations?”, and I want to image what the future holds.

We are not at the place where electric cars has replaced petro cars, but more importantly, battery technology has not progressed to the point where charging quickly is at the same pace as our hurried lives, nor has the prices of high capacity rechargeable batteries come down where it makes sense for all our energy products to migrate. But let’s fast forward a bit and see where we might be.


There will be a few lanes to choose from depending on your model vehicle. There will be the familiar cable charging stations, as well as inductive charging, and battery swapping.

The station will be powered either on-site or remotely by a solar or wind farm, or via my new wind turbine that I am currently working on.

You will pull in, charge up your car, truck, RV, and get your drinks, snacks, and lottos. You will also be able to swap out, or recharge, your everyday use batteries for your power tools, #drone, skateboard, camping gear, off grid appliances, as well as shop for solar and wind products.

As with many gas stations that rent moving trucks, you will be able to rent them as eTrucks, but also EV rentals, bikes, scooters, #drones, and boats depending on where the eStation is located and who they serve.

I also see these eStations turning into hotspots. You might charge your bike, or skateboard while also charging your electronics and get some work done on the wifi. They already sell coffee and food, and as there is no longer any petro, the eStation will be clean and pleasant to stay a while. You’ll need to for those older, slower charging cars ;)

But what is next for eStations?

How about getting your drone license and certifying your drone? You can have drone flight schools. This might be the training facility for the new Drone Laser Tag Dogfighting and Obstacle course challenge.

Those eStations that use to services petro vehicles can now service eVehicles, as well as those other eThings mentioned above. You go from hiring mechanics to EEs. They might even become the new Radio Shack of the future.

Let’s push it a bit further…

How about landing pads for personal transportation drones? You fly from one destination, to the next, grab an EV rental to finish your travel. Just imagine if you could walk down to an eStation, catch an Uber Drone to the airport, then an eShuttle to the gate!

Parking garages become drone taxi and EV exchanges while city roads become walkways.

Let me know your thoughts here, or within Chris' thread here.

If you would like to collaborate with me on this or any other project, please contact me.

Thank you for reading!


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