Truth Campaign

by Nov 12, 2020

Campaigning for Truth

Fighting For Truth

The Leftists are children of the father of lies. The Left is continually conducting campaigns of lies. There is no truth in them. Everything that spews from their mouths are of lies and hate, meant to deceive.

We are the children of the father of truth. Yet we have no similar campaign. No similar efforts for the truth. For our message. How then if not us are the ones to proclaim the truth?

The Left went on for four years lying about Trump and Russia collusion. And we had no strategy to fight back. We did an abysmal job of fighting lies, which should be an easy fight for truth. We sent out legal soldiers, but nobody from marketing.

The conservatives are good at giving speeches on the Senate floor, and pushing back during an interview. But who watches those anyway. Mostly those who has solidified their world view already.

When was the last time conservatives went on a truth campaign? I’m talking rallies, speeches, videos, podcasts, news articles, TV shows, movies, and books. A coordinated full on press truth campaign. We haven’t.

This is why so many Americans believe the lies, because they hear it everywhere, from every reach of society. Yet they only hear the truth from little places in society, small voices and an occasional loud voice, but singular voices. Definitely not masses of people proclaiming a truth.

We have those that will release a documentary, like Dinesh D’souza, but that’s rare and not a coordinated effort. It is not a campaign. Some will write a book. But we do not have a coordinated “on message“ truth campaign.

The conservatives need to develop a message campaign. Whether that be on capitalism, morality, or the founding principles of this nation. We need to commit over the next two years to releasing books, TV shows, movies, documentaries, multiple series on social media platforms, articles written in multiple publications. and let each of these delivery platforms deliver the content within their context. Such as news publications would be more serious, and a TV series would be more life oriented. That is to say, communicate the same message, just in different ways to reach the widest audience.

We must learn to control the narrative. This, this is why we continually lose the conversation, we lose the good fight. It is an communication war which we are completely inept to fight. We must deliver the truth in such ways that others can push that truth into their influence. Create the tools for our armies to fight for truth on their battle grounds.

The saying “if you tell a lie often enough it becomes believed” is actually not complete. Because if you say anything often enough it will become believed. A lie or the truth. The left has learned it is more efficient to say a lie over and over in a short period of time but from a very wide platform, than it is to say that lie over and over again for long periods of time. Time will help solidify that lie into people’s memories, but it is the width and the breath from which that lie is disseminated that gets the masses to believe it in the shortest amount of time. Look no further than the “president elect Biden“ lie that they have coordinated everybody to say all at once so that there is no room for any other opinion.

The Left has also learned, that if you remove the truth, let’s say from social media platforms, or cutting people off in news interviews, that helps in reducing the validity of that truth. I don’t suggest to limit people speech, but to have the facts at the ready to combat the lies. Again, not speeches from the Senate floor, but infographics, videos, books, an onslaught of competing information in the formats (yes, plural) that people are digesting information. Then let the armies of truth move that message out. If we are ready with the truth for any lie that starts to grow, we can kill that lie with truth, not censorship.

Conservatives will often complain about how coordinated the Left pushes their propaganda and their lies, yet for some mysterious reason we refuse to learn those methods for ourselves.

Perhaps Trump is such a person to show us how this is done.


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