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by Nov 9, 2020

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Source of Truth * Source of Record

With Fox News making a hard Left, it is time for bold, unafraid news.

My original plan was to put this in front of the Epoch Times but then I heard that Trump was thinking about starting his own media outlet, I had to send to both.

You can’t just redo old media with a new name and new studio. If you are going to set up a media group post 2020 it has to have the stability and reach of old media with the freshness, mobility and features of new media. Below are some ideas to do just that. Things I wish any media platform would have.

Looking for a paywall for revenue? I envision below one that allows access to news for everyone while providing enhanced news and tools for paid members.

UPDATE (January 9, 2021)

Events have not gone our way as we see it. My faith is still in God’s will is being done.

Very disturbing, but not surprising, Google and Apple are removing conservative social media apps from their stores. Today was Parler. We do not control the government, nor the social media giants nor the main stream media so this is only going to get worse. The Left will be in a frenzy to pass all sorts of restricting legislation.

My hope is that we can start to control more of this. Trump has teased starting his own social media, although I hope he purchases Parler. Either way, Parler and Trump’s platform will need to be web apps. Looks and operates like an app from the store and you simply save the web icon to your device.

This is good as it will align web and mobile to all have the same features and feel. For anyone who is interested, I have been putting some ideas together on a new social media platform.

I also believe Trump, or one of his associates, should start their own phone company, which would allow for the freedom of apps!! Lots of money in that space as there is in social media.

With Trump’s huge built in base that any platform would be successful. I hope it is a combination of Media and Social Media, along with hardware, the phone.



Visitors can’t have all this information available to them without having that virtual assistant helping them sort through it all, and find additional resources. But more than just a bot that guides people to information. A neural network that learns the persona of the current user to best help future users. A reporting AI that will help the spot trends. An AI that bridges between the website, mobile app and other websites such as social media and sites that embed and link to content on the website.

One powerful way to use AI is to sentiment track. Not just what is trending, but what is the feeling behind what is trending. Is a word or phrase trending up but is the sentiment negative or positive? This can greatly assist on how you handle the delivery of content, track the performance of current content across platforms and other sites, as well as track content on other sites and the sentiment surrounding that external content.  You don’t have to opinion poll as your AI already aggregates that information. You can quickly deliver what is trending and the emotion behind it to your visitors, reporters and contributors. 

The AI should be planned as the foundation of the tech stack so it is tightly integrated with every aspect. I have much more on this technology but it is a bit out of scope for this article.

My News Desk

Each of us gets our own Kayleigh McEnany notebook

A customizable dashboard that enables the user to save, organize and share reports and assets from the the website. Make it easy for people to have a single location of the news that matters to them, shareable to all their followers, and notifies them when information updates. Create a tools that make millions of people  into reporters, all using and linking back your website. 

  • Ability to search and then save those searches to My News Desk
  • Timeline bar so I can scrub through the articles (ajax loading so it is very smooth and fast)
  • Search from within My News Desk
  • Notifications when information within My News Desk gets updated
  • Desktop app should be available for heavy research for members

The need comes from a growing social base that wants to aggregate information and share amongst their followers, and a growing number of influencers doing actual news REPORTING. This will allow influencers such as Louder With Crowder to have a sort of backchannel to information that they are notified of when information is updated. Like having their own research team. Or any number of Twitter warriors looking to aggregate and disseminate information to their followers. 


I can have a page off of My News Desk that is titled Mask Mandates – COVID 19. On this page I organize all the articles, infographics, videos and conversations from your website about mask mandates into this page. I can then share this page out to others. Now instead of yelling masks don’t work and linking out to 20 sites that people won’t click on anyway, I can guide them to one single page that is an aggregate of my research.

Contributing Influencers


Free the reporting. Allowing contributors to report without retribution from corporate and allow the voices people like the most rise to the top.

Allow new media influencers the ability to post articles. Example: influencers such as those from The Daily Wire or Blaze TV. This will create a space where people can find new influencers, thus giving a space for new influencers to want to post. This allows for the creation of more content more quickly and for a wider variety of people. This is a great way to give independent reporters a larger platform, while also giving your website access to the freshest information available as they often hear of news before the larger outlets do.

I would extend this to not just conservative influencers, but allow all points of view as you want to drive traffic to your site to sell memberships and advertising. If you start your own social media platform (again, I have a lot of plans there as well), then as articles are posted, an auto post is generated on that platform. This corrals even people on the Left to your new social media platform. Which in turn has advertisements.

Social Media

Most new sites allow comments on their page, which is kind of cool for a quick engagement. However, may I suggest that you link out to all your social media that has a corresponding post linking back to that article and asked people to start the conversation there.

This does a couple things. One, it drives people to your social media and directly to a post so people can start engaging.

The second thing that it does, is it allows you to drive traffic to your preferred social media platform. You get to help direct where social media traffic goes.

I also have a well thought out plan for a new social media platform if you are interested in also starting your own.


Your website becomes the source of record for old and new media, allowing anyone to do research on current and historical information. Some outlets try to do this, but they don’t do it well. This schema should be set from the beginning as a law if you want to be a source of record. 





Each page is a dedicated repository of ALL the information you have on this person, place, or topic. User can search from within this section, filter by author, year, or scrub a timeline. 

User can save that search to My News Desk. User will get notifications when information changes, updates, or information added. This notification would apply to anything the user follows, saved or favorited. (User can set notification for immediate, daily, or weekly)

Pull in video from government archive such as c-span so people only need to search your website. (no need for google)

Verification Meter

What is the level of truth on a particular report. Look no further than 2020 itself for this need.

  • Unconfirmed
  • Anonymous sources
  • Confirmed with Citations

Infographics & Charts

Data heavy information should have shareable infographics or charts. People love sharing charts as well as new media sites. Having branded infographics that other outlets can use not only gets the information out there better, but gets your website distributed with it. 

Super Follow

Often I want to follow certain contributors but no other site gives you a clean way of doing this, and none with notifications that I know of. Perhaps I want to follow all news in my state, or news around an event or a person or a contributor. Your website would send out notifications and get eyeballs back to the site thus viewing more ads. 


  • Ability to follow authors
  • Ability to follow topics
  • Ability to follow people, places, events, topics. (See EpochPedia)
  • Get notifications on change

Mobile App

This should be obvious in 2020, however, you will need a good mobile app. One that allows all the features, especially social sharing. This will help with notifications as people are use to getting them on mobile devices. 

News Clippings

Within each article you should make available at least some content that has an embed link that will produce the actual embed script for the person. Like YouTube does for their videos. This allows you to better control how shared content looks and links back to your content. This is especially great for quotes, infographics and charts.

Subscription Paywall

Any visitor should have access to all the news that’s available. Very important not to limit access to information. There should be a couple tiers to the membership. The top one allowing more research capabilities.

  • Members may see additional content. Such as a personal note from a contributor or extended video content or additional assets. Everyone gets information while members get more information. Louder With Crowder and Ben Shapiro does this well by having video content that runs longer for members.
  • Members get access to the My News Desk
  • I can see an access level that allows people to put in a query that will be answered by a reporting group. I might pay $99 per month or more to be allowed to ‘hire’ a reporter. This will also be great to find out what people want more information on and what the internet researchers are thinking.
  • Vanity URL for sharing My News Desk content. .com/m/getz/mask-mandate/


Think on this. If someone memberships at a level to ‘hire’ a reporter, how much more work would that be? You are probably investigating that topic anyway but now you have members paying for that investigation. Moreso, you have members helping guide the investigation in the direction viewers want to go. Target your investigation. Also transition your investigation as sentiment changes. Be more on target. 

There should to be an icon on any object that is for members only within the context of general audience content. This way a member seeing enhanced content within the general audience content, knows others won’t be able to see it if not a member.

This will also help promote the membership as everybody will want to see the enhanced content.


There will be a membership, however, much of the revenue is going to be driven via ad revenue. I very much suggest not to use Google’s ad revenue mechanism, but to create your own. Why share ad revenue when you can get it all?

Trump is just the guy to take on Google, and Facebook, and Twitter at the same time and prevail. This starts by taking away resources from the enemy. Ad revenue should be a major target.

More ways to taking away the giant tech companies resources will be shared in my social media platform concept.

My Involvement

I can contribute much in this process via consulting with whomever brings this to market. 

Hopefully you found one or two ideas that can be of use. Feel free to implement if you do. 


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