Space Force Command

by Feb 6, 2021

This is being talked about NOW, and Is Space Mining Our Future Gold Mine? It is a matter of who gets to the screen first. I believe if the right person pitched this to Elon, he would at least fund the pilot just for bragging rights.


Space Force


Space Force has setup a command operations on the moon called Higher Ground. The goal is to have the advantage of space for any upcoming military actions.

However, Space X advancements have enabled civilians to also travel easily to the moon. And it didn’t take long for adventurists, trying to take samples back to earth as souvenirs, to discover the isotope helium-3. Today a huge mining operation is underway on the moon with several companies and countries claiming rights.

Space Force Command has shifted into protecting this growing space presence. With the newly built space Hotel X and Station X under construction life in space is growing quickly and everyone is rushing to this new frontier. Some want a new life. Some want quick money. Others want the thrill of being in space. While yet others are not here for the good of mankind.

Musk’s  Station X will allow for a growing commerce and trading as well as a docking station for Space X shuttles, while his Hotel X brings about space tourism. The future roadmap is to rope and mine astroids as well as use Station X as a launching point for Mars missions [spin-off].

What started out as more of a crude mining camp has turned into a mecca of technologies including advances in AI, AR, and VR.

The TV show focuses on the lives of the individual miners, merchants, pilots, X Specialists, Space Force personnel, and tourists. I see Elon making appearances as Space X technology advances. As the station gets built, more and more personalities are added, including BB-8 type characters coming from the AI world (also a reality soon), and therefore no shortage of content or drama. Space has its own way of dealing with life. From the drama of surviving this new life, to the military’s presence, to finding that new gold, to technology, life at Zero G (0G) is very different than on Earth.

The reason this series will work without the typical space life forms is due to the realism this presents. Some day soon we will look up and see some sort of space station with mining and military presence. This gives people that vision. Something everyone can relate to, not just Sci-Fi fans.


Miners, Military, Astronauts, Tourists and Space Smugglers. Authority conflicts between Space Force and Space X commands. Tourist vs shop owners. Miners vs smugglers. People escaping Earth for that new life and the struggles that come with that.

Grace Park: Command of Space X
Dean Cain: Commander of Space Force Command
Mike Rowe: Mining Executive at Moon Miners

Where this can go

Easily years of episodes with characters coming in and out from the many aspects of the show. But you also have merchandise, as you can sell the Station X, Hotel X, transports, as well as action figures for characters and the AIs.

I also see a video game where you go on missions. Having to follow clues to get to good mining opportunities that lead to roping and mining astroids which raises money to get out to Mars. Gathering clues and fighting villains all along the way. A younger version of the game where you don’t fight villains to remove the violence.

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