Gaming Water Cooled Phone Case

by Nov 25, 2020

Gaming Water Cooled Case


After watching this Linus Tech Tip video I thought, what if we designed two phone cases that could provide cooling for your phone. One is air cooled and the other water cooled. Both phone cases would contain a battery pack to power the case, copper heat spreader, radiator, fan, and pump. The difference would be the circulating material being air or water. Simply slide your phone in the case, and power the case on/off when you need extra cooling.

The copper heat spreader would only cover the area of the CPU. One tube would flow into the radiator and the other back out with a small pump inline to one of the tubes to circulate the air or water.. The fan would pull air from outside the case (landscape bottom), over the radiator fins and exit the case (landscape top). 

An aggressive case could have the radiator fins exposed on the outside of the case with the fan pushing through the fins. Having different fluids other than water could be used. Larger case can have front firing bluetooth speakers.





Super cool your phone with air or water.


Case can be used to charge the phone as well as cool it.


Fully closed unit so water can't leak.


Q Fast charging available.

Charge your case while your case charges your phone.


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