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My company has been working with Getz Pro for over 1 year now to help with our website's SEO. He has done a great job of learning our product, researching the competition, and being able to make positive improvements to our site that have increased our search rankings. Traffic increased from 1,600 visits per month to over 10,000 and still growing 10% monthly.

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Global O-Ring

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the effort to align your website with what search engines look for while indexing the internet to influence your rankings higher. Sounds easy enough, but how do we get there? Google looks for natural, large content, and most relevant pages to display on search results.To achieve this is very simple:

  • Build modern websites that are easily crawled by search engine spiders.
  • Within these pages, create highly relevant content that is unique and adds value.
  • Promote your content so people will discover your site and, if the content is of high enough quality, will then link to it.

On-Page SEO

On-page is all the effort you do to the individual pages on your website. The idea is to have all page elements be inline with the subject matter of that page. These include:

  • Meta data such as page title, description, and image alternative (alt) information.
  • Header text. H1, h2, h3, etc.
  • And of course, the page copy itself.

The scope is to have enough relevant keywords for the subject to be highly relevant without looking unnatural. Pages should be written for people, not search bots.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is so valuable and necessary. We might think we know what people are searching to find our website, but doing the proper analysis pays dividends. First, through real data, we can know which keywords are getting search for and how often. Second, we always find additional keywords we can use in the page, or in blog posts. Great for suggesting blog topics.

Two main ways of performing keyword research:

  • Using Google's keyword planner. This is the best place to start any keyword analysis.
  • Google's AdWords. This might be new to some of you, however, testing keywords via a paid campaign brings instant empirical data. Take your list from step one, put them into an AdWords campaign and find out which ones really drive that traffic.

Ask me how we can find the highest performing keywords for your business!

Link Building

Building backlinks to your site use to be a very easy endeavor, however, Google has really cracked down on many of the practices used to try and game the system. No more are directories, and buddy systems working as they once did. Let's discuss what works best for your business so we can drive quality traffic, without being penalized.

Social Media

Everyone knows the value, but no one wants to put in the work to gain that value. Social media can drive traffic, build brand awareness, and give you contact with your customers on their terms. Every company can take advantage of one social media platform or another. What is the best fit for your company? Let me help.

Local SEO

If your product or services are for a specific geolocation, then you need local SEO. This isn't anything complicated, but additional work is needed to be sure you come up on those local search results.

TIP: if you are not listed on Google My Business yet, this is a must! List your local business here.

Other SEO Services

  • Reputation Management
  • Citations
  • Reviews [best practices]
  • Blogging [best practices]
  • Google Analytics

More efficient workflows allows you to manage any process or production more efficiently. This leads to higher volume output while reducing defects and waste.

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Questions & Answers

How quickly will I see results from SEO?

Greatly depends on your relevancy, authority and competition. The more relevant and authoritative you are, and the less competition you have, the greater your ability is to rank. Typically 30-90 days. If you need traffic tomorrow, use PPC.

Do I still need PPC if I do SEO?

Yes. SEO is for organic search results, which is more cost effective over the long run. However, there are great advantages to incorporating PPC into your marketing plan. Please see my PPC page for more information.

How can I tell if my website has been penalized?

I would start with Google's Search Console, and if your site is flagged by them, they will let you know there. Register for free here.

I see many SEO companies in my area; what makes yours different?

Just as your website should be unique in its content, my SEO services are unique as I take the time to learn your business and then build a strategy that maximizes return, minimizes risk of penalties, and utilizes your strengths in business.

Other Companies Charge Much More; Am I Getting the Same Quality of Service from You?

Very much so, and more! Without the overhead, I can charge less, so you save! I work from home so I don't have the cost of office space.