Project Management

Web Development & Software Development

Over 20 Years of Experience

Project professionally managed for on-time, on-budget successes.

I cannot make a strong enough recommendation for Richard Getz. He is, by personal experience with our company, a great PM and PE, with all the attendant project management skills necessary to perform the job.

Gary Bartlow


Managing Better Outcomes

  • Deeper analysis of business needs
  • Proper documentation
  • Clear communication
  • Agile, Waterfall or hybrid
  • Risk mitigation
  • Negotiations & Mediation
  • Vendor management
  • Quality assurance

It is never less expensive to do a project over, so manage it purposefully from the start. Project managing structures the execution process to ensure better outcomes. Let me build a management structure tailored to your business that will

Delivering Better Websites!

  • Clear online objective
  • Integration with brick and mortar
  • Custom designs
  • Purposeful functionality
  • High user engagement
  • Targeted marketing (SEO, PPC, Organic)

Websites are increasingly first point of contact, so they need to engage your visitors as you would in person. The right look and fit with functionality and interactivity designed for your clients.

Consulting Services

Get to that next level of success by focusing on what moves you forward and removing that which holds you back. Clean up your processes, get organized, and strategically plan the way forward.

  • Organize and prioritize
  • Documentation
  • Training

Process Improvements

You know your organization can do better, but how? Do you know your tradeoffs of Cost, Quality, and Time? Can improving the quality of your product or service be cost effective? Whether you are manufacturing a product, or providing a service, you can improve the process to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and sell more.

  • Measure the cost of quality
  • Improve lead time
  • Business process reengineering
  • Understand your bottlenecks and queues