Delaware SEO Services

Better first impressions

Getz Pro has been providing local SEO services in Delaware for over 8 years. Better results because I don't apply a one-size fits all approach, but rather a strategy that works the way you do.

Targeting Local Customers

Whether you sell nationally, or just locally, adding local SEO targeting will rank you higher on Google Business listing for Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Don't let customers to remain out of reach. Take advantage of local SEO and drive traffic to your website and your brick and mortar.


Client Interview: What is your product or service? Who is your target audience? What is working for you, and not What are your expectations from SEO, and how do you plan on measuring success?

Keyword Research: Using the Google Keyword Planner I generate a comprehensive list of high value keywords, and where best to use these keywords within your site.

Page Level Optimization: I will deliver to you a comprehensive Excel document that list all potential keywords by how often they are searched for. This spreadsheet list the web pages they should appear on, and where at on the page you need to place them. Headers, page copy, and image names and alt tags.

Site Implementation: You can choose to update your site with these needed changes, or have me update your website for you. [please ask about rates]

Pricing & Fees

$200 per page with a minimum of 10 pages.

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Questions & Answers

How Long Does SEO Take to Make a Difference?

This varies greatly as some changes can show improvements within 30 days, while others takes 90-180 days. This also depends on how quickly Google re-crawls your site and applies your changes.

How Does SEO Differ from PPC?

SEO is the process of gaining better position on Google search results within their organic results. PPC is buying ad space, usually Google Adwords, within search results or display.

How Does Your Service Differ From Others I See?

As a small business, I am very customer focused. You are not a number on an account who will get passed around from one jr. employee to the next. I am with you every step of the way.

Other Companies Charge Much More; Am I Getting the Same Quality of Service from You?

Very much so, and more! Without the overhead, I can charge less, so you save!

How Long Have You Been Doing SEO?

Over 8 years!

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