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That's 60 million endorsements for your new website platform and we can get your site live in as little as one week.

Why Choose WordPress

In addition to being trusted by millions, WordPress

  • is search engine- and mobile-friendly
  • is easy to update and maintain
  • is shopping cart-ready
  • offers hundreds of themes and plug-ins
  • offers a huge developer community
  • affordability

This makes the WordPress platform a shoe-in for your site.

WordPress at Getz Pro

Whether you're a small business, startup, blogger, or someone with simplified content, at Getz Pro you'll receive a site that shines the spotlight on your brand, invites new leads, and welcomes return visitors - all while accommodating a tight budget.

An effective site is search engine- and mobile-friendly, has relevant images, and contains interactive features such as newsletter sign-ups and buttons to easily share content or connect on social media. You may need a shopping cart, forms, calendars, or other options on your site and we can do that, too.

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Richard set up an awesome website for my business. I'm extremely obsessive about having a high quality, professional website and he went over and above. I've recommended him to everyone on my Facebook and twitter accounts. I'll be coming back to him for any future updates to my site or any other websites that I need to have completed. He's patient, professional, and attentive. He'll be there for you to create a site that will take your business to the next level.

Sean Elliott

Impulse Buys 4 U

$800 Single Page WordPress Website

Whether your site is sleek and modern, or more dramatic, when it goes live, you'll have a site that will be easy for you to update and maintain as your business grows, giving you peace of mind.

Packages start with 7 sections: header, footer, and 5 more that are specific to your needs. When your business is booming and you want your site to reflect that, shifting these sections to their own page will be a breeze! Need more? We can scope that in at $25/section.

Let's start your single-page website on WordPress today and get you live in as little as a week!

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Questions & Answers

  • Will I be able to update my own site?
  • Absolutely! WordPress offers live-editing across devices.
  • How long does it take to deliver a website?
  • A single page website can be mocked up in a day and, with effective communication, can be live in under a week depending on how long it takes for your approval.
  • Can you help me with other graphic design work?
  • Yes. We can design your brochures, business cards, press kits, and more.
  • How much do you require down?
  • 50% deposit to get started with balance due prior to installing on your host.

Website Pricing

  • $800-1000 Single page website
  • $1000-3,500 Multiple page website
  • $200-300 Shopping cart (setup only)
  • $100/page SEO (content marketing)
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$800 Website

Single Page WordPress Website

Need a website fast, elegant, and within budget? I have you covered!

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