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Over the past year, Getz Pro has been consulting us on a number of technical and business issues. Richard's knowledge and insight has been a welcomed asset. As the need arises, we plan on using Getz Pro in the future.

Eric J. Contreras

Forte Commercial Cleaning

Management Consulting Services

  • Process improvements
  • Business analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Workflow efficiencies
  • Brand/Reputation management
  • Product development
  • Training & Continued education
  • Business culture development

Incorporate technologies and processes that fit perfectly with your business. Your customers have gone mobile, they do research, and they are much more educated. So you also must change and adapt. But just implementing any new strategy may not work.

Lean Six Sigma

I incorporate Lean to cut out unneeded and wasteful steps from any process to improve quality and efficiency. It is the definition of work smarter, not harder. Everybody loves process improvements, although change may be seen as hard at first. Most find it more fulfilling to do a better job, especially without having to work harder to do it.

Using Six Sigma to reduce wasted product, eliminate defects, and shorten machine change over time. Putting aside the product artifact, how much extra time do you spend handling defects and wasted materials? Let me find the variations in your process that produce defects and waste, and remove them.

Before you take any actions, let an outside perspective analyze what you are doing now, and where you want to go. Second opinions always provides insight.

People Are Your Most Valuable Asset

Your staff is your most valued asset. You hire and train them, pour time and money into them, and they give 1/3 of their day to your business. Cultivate a symbiotic relationship of growth, purpose, and fulfillment. Here are a few ways to reduce stress and increase engagement.

  • Process improvements to increase efficiencies and accuracy
  • Improve workflows to manage bottlenecks and reduce stress
  • Better defined expectations and clearer communications
  • Train staff to reduce risks, and increase success
  • Create incentives and better work environments


  • $125 per hour + travel and expenses (3 hour minimum)

Questions & Answers

  • How long have you been managing?
  • I have been managing for over 25 years as a store manager, operations manager, and project manager
  • How expensive will your recommended changes be?
  • That greatly depends on the change. Procedure changes require documentation and training, so very minimal. Process and technology changes will cost more. All of my changes will save you money near and long term.
  • Why should I choose you over another consultant?
  • Great question! I have years of experience across many different disciplines, so I bring a deep knowledge of workflows and technology. I want to ensure your satisfaction because I rely on word-of-mouth. So your success is my success.
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