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Search Engine Optimization

Rank Higher, Longer

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the effort to optimize both onpage (relevancy) and offpage (authority) elements of your website to effectuate higher rankings on search engine result pages (SERPS).

Everyone's goal to rank higher on search engines should start and end with providing the best possible content to your visitors. No matter how poor other factors are, content is always king! There are many principles we can implement to help search engines identify your content, and we start with a site evaluation and client interview to determine the goals of your site.

Ongoing effort is needed to increase the quality of your content to be more authoritative, as well as inbound marketing to increase your authority. This effort includes updating content to provide visitors with the most relevant and engaging content that is unique and not duplicating what others already provide.

SEO is not stuffing keywords onto a page or trying to game a system. These efforts may give you a quick bounce, but with each algorithm update by Google, your site is potentially at risk, and it is much harder to under poor practices then it is to implement best practices upfront.


How relevant is your page to the topic that page is attempting to rank for? To become relevant for a keyword or keyword phrase, your page has to speak to that term fully. Give in-depth knowledge into the subject matter and you will be relevant.


Authority is measured by the company that keeps you. That is to say, the more authoritatively the sites are that link to you, the more authority you carry as their page authority is passed to you by way of link juice. Several factors play into how much link juice is passed, and never is the full authority of any site passed to another.


On-page SEO are the efforts you make on the pages themsleves to become more relevant for a particular keyword. How your page communicates your topic, product, or service is important and should not be overlooked. Many elements and factors are at play. We start by grading each page and return to you an A-F grade based on those many factors. From there, we can quickly know what needs to be done.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization On-Page Grader


With on-page elements optimize, we focus our attention on off-page factors. These include social media, reputation management, citations, and building authority. This is where most of your ongoing effort will focus. For more information, see our inbound marketing resource.

Link Building

Link building requirements have changed several times at Google over the years to keep up with black hat SEO efforts, so understanding the best way to acquire links is vital to the longevity of your rankings. Organic backlinks still rules the day, so we'll show you how to gain those organic links, starting with great content.

Hire your personal subject matter expert today, and gain the expertise needed to Rank Higher, Longer.