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Everything is localized with current location data, so you must target your business to the growing number of smart phone users.

I have been a SEO expert for over 12 years, with the last 4 years in San Diego, California. I have seen many changes in this space. But what I have seen consistently over the years is when people do the right things they always have better results. Equally important, these results stand the test of time and many Google algorithm changes. So when considering an seo company for your internet marketing needs, please consider Getz Pro!

Servicing La Jolla, Del Mar, Santee, El Cajon and all of San Diego. I can help you build a great SEO strategy, as well as PPC. One that meets your budget, without sacrificing results.

Keys to local rankings include keeping your citations up to date, including Yellow Pages listings, Yelp listings, Super Pages, etc. You can easily do a search on your name to reveal many of these. Get listed in your local BBB directory. Acquire backlinks from local entities such as other businesses, schools, organizations, etc. These help search engines identify you within your local ranking area. If a school in San Diego links to your site, that helps to reinforce locality.

Social involvement online and off helps to attract local backlinks. Involvement or sponsorship in local events. Create a blog post for employee walk for life and update your social media as the event nears and progresses linking back to your blog post. Make sure this blog post has good content, including outbound links, photos, and pertinent information. All of this helps to reinforce locality as well as popularity.

There are probably many things you are already doing locally that you just need to be actively communicating online. I can help you identify these opportunities. Reach out to me today for a free consult.