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Richard took our website from nowhere to first page on Google organic searches for all of our key terms. His services are a worthwhile investment for any business

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Do you need quality web traffic now? Did you just launch your website, or perhaps a redesign and you want to drive traffic? Then PPC marketing is your next marketing strategy.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click advertising places your product, service, or brand in front of people either on search pages, or other websites via display ads. Companies providing the service then charges you for every click on those advertisements.

What is AdWords?

AdWords is Google's privet brand of PPC. Adwords allows you to buy advertising space on Google's search result pages as well as Google display ads found on partner websites.

How Does it Work?

  1. You must have a Google AdWords account, which you can get one for free here.
  2. An exhaustive keyword search is performed which to target.
  3. Keywords are put into one or more campaigns targeting specific landing pages.
  4. Build landing page(s) to accommodate your campaigns.


Campaigns allows you to group keywords into individual efforts. Great for product or service categories, A/B testing, keyword testing, and promotional campaigns.

Landing Pages

The landing page is the target page of your PPC campaign. This should never be the actual product or service page, but one that is much more focused on converting the visitor. Landing pages will have the name of the product or service, it's one key point, the offer, and the call to action.


Setup Fee: $1,000
A one time fee to conduct the keyword research, set up your AdWord campaigns, create landing pages, and backend maintenance such as connecting Google Analytics and Google AdWords together for analysis.

Monthly Fee: 10% of monthly spend; minimum $250
Provides monthly analysis and reporting on the success of your campaigns. Updating campaigns, landing pages, and adjusting spends. A/B testing ads and landing pages.

Questions & Answers

How much should I spend on PPC each month?

Most campaigns spend $1,500 and up per month. You can spend as little as you want, but too low of an ad spend may not be enough to measure results especially if your price per click is high.

I see PPC services that don't charge a setup fee, why do you?

I charge for my time. I would be curious as to why they don't. I base my fees off the work required and the level of service I provide.

Do you have any guarantees on your service?

Yes. We can negotiate a performance criteria or money back.