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Delaware SEO

Providing local SEO services in Delaware for over 10 years. Trusted by local businesses in Delaware just like yours. Better results because I don't apply a one-size fits all approach, but rather a strategy that works the way you do.

You need to rank locally, true, however, with Delaware being such a small State with huge influx from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland, your SEO approach needs to take into account people searching from those States for the products or services you have. This is especially true due to the tax-free shopping.

I know how to target those other States because I have done it already, and know what works. I will interview you to establish what your goals are for your site. Then I will complete a full site SEO evaluation. This report will contain opportunities you can leverage to gain higher rankings.

Knowledge from this exhaustive report will be used for the following:

Local rankings essential, not difficult, but sometimes tricky to obtain. The best way to achieve rankings in Delaware is to have your address and phone prominently displayed on each page if you can, but at least the contact page. Check your citations, such as yellow pages, super pages, etc. to be sure your address, phone, web address are all accurate.

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